Friday January 20th - Step 15 - Challenges, blessings and balance.

Aaaah worst nightmare had this ready to go and last night I lost my input - I guess that' was my challenge for yesterday.  Honestly though yesterday was filled with so many unexpectedly good things, when it happened it was OK.    What I learned from that was how important it is to recognize when I am having a good day versus a bad day and that when I get into a grump on a bad day - when things out of my control go awry, it's OK.   I don't have to make myself "count my blessings" on a bad day.  However if I recognize the day for what it was then I can set closure around it.  That stops it leaking and creating a bad week - which I have been want to do in the past!

My unexpectedly good day included meeting a really good friend for Tea - her treat :-), a tax rebate which was a lot more than I thought it was going to be and treating myself and my eldest to a "do" at the hairdresser.  The younger is getting a new jacket, so no-one's left out!  The challenge was making sure that in the excitement of the rebate I kept to my budget (which I did), putting 20% aside and getting caught up on bills.

I have to confess to getting a little irritated by the "happiness is good for you" hype that ignores the times and days when we simply are not happy.  I think it is more important to address the thought and the reality of the situation and address the root of the challenge.  That will, in the long run, lead to peace of mind, inner contentment, thus happiness.

I realize that what I have just written may sound a little contradictory when the premise of this journey is to find happiness but I am not into quick fixes that mask a problem because the problem will just come back differently. On the other hand we don't want to continually be anticipating banana skins that make us slip and fall. :-) So here's the exercise:

Step 15

On a sheet of paper write the days of the week horizontally along the top.  At the side draw a vertical line  and write happiness/balance at the side also vertically.  Make a horizontal line joining that one, at the bottom of the sheet and write challenges underneath it. Either review your past week or note daily during this week to come and create a graph about where you are on the happiness scale and what days have more challenges in them.  Did/do the challenges decrease your balance and happiness?  Consider and write on a different sheet of paper where the challenges are and how often they repeat themselves.  Which ones are in your control and which ones are not. Note how you feel doing this exercise.  Is it hard, is it easy?  We will be re-visiting this exercise for one week each month.  I am hoping that by the end of our journey yo will notice that inner balance does not decrease dramatically in times of challenge.


The ones I mentioned above pretty much cover it
Eating wheat and gluten free all week - yesterday I found simply delicious gluten free bagels at a local coffee shop "Francheli's" in Royal Oak).  I will post more information about where they get them later.


Not getting to Curves all week - though I plan to make it on Saturday
Sticking to my weight loss plan and not losing any more weight (probably linked to not going tp curves!)
Fighting with myself about needs rather than wants.

Quote for the Day

The Serenity Prayer.....  God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.

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