Jan 14th/15th - Step 10.   Return of the cookie monster!

OK confession time - not quite cookies but I managed to finish a bag of smarties left over from the Christmas cookie baking.  Earlier I was celebrating another pound dropped off and joining "on the bandwagon" at curves to loose 10lbs by April 13th.

Now I have sore gums from the excess of sugar and the onset of a headache - such joy!

One bag of smarties is not the end of my weight loss goals and acting on that thought is going to contribute to ongoing success. Of course it's always tempting when I have a trip up to give up but that is certainly not going to take me in the direction of my inner Fiji.  So the cupboards will be cleared of temptation and my headache is a very good reminder not to repeat the excess anytime soon!

There is no doubt, in my opinion, that the process of attaining goals of any sort will be beset with challenges of one sort or another and it is how we approach the challenges and handle them that is really important.  In this case I know that having chocolate lurking about is always a temptation, so not having the chocolate here is a good strategy for me.  When over spending or using credit cards/ATM is a problem try only using cash and putting the credit cards in a bank deposit box.  Ice in the freezer melts too easily!  Find a strategy that works for you. Don't beat yourself up if you give in - just don't make that the reason for not continuing.  Having a friend or family member that you are accountable to or joining weight watchers can help and making sure you set realistic goals (I know I am repeating here but it is sooo important for success).

Signing for "on the bandwagon" at curves makes me accountable and is a helpful motivator as I see all the other people signed up and the weight loss goals they have recorded.  At my weigh and measure last Friday I was thrilled to have lost a solid just over 10 pounds (4.5 since my last weigh in) and 6.2 inches. During that time (apart from during Christmas) I  reduced my calorie intake averagely by between 250 and 500 per day.  I eat three meals per day plus snacks and with the exception of wheat and gluten free foods do no omit anything from my diet.  I always have a minimum of 5 fruits and vegetables, at least five glasses of water and two glasses of green tea.  For protein I use flax seeds (on yogurt or in a fruit salad), fresh cooked meats, cheese, eggs and quinoa.

The following website is very helpful for information about healthy weight loss:


What resources/people/groups do have have in your life to help you achieve your weight loss and or other goals?  Who and where are your cheerleaders?  If you are on this journey you also have me and this community - people from around the world you don't even know - to cheer you on Yay!!

Step 10 Exercise

Create a visual map of your personal support system. Draw yourself or a symbol of yourself in the middle of a sheet of paper and put in circles around you the people/places/groups who can help you reach your goals. Connect them with coloured lines.

We need community whether that is made up of family and friends or churches or mosques or strangers or clubs - it doesn't matter who or where what matters is that they believe in you and YOU believe in YOURSELF.  Date the map and keep with the other lists and pieces of art.

Next blog will be posted on Monday so wishing you a happy Sunday - wherever you are and whatever you do.  Don't forget to record your success today and challenges.  Here are mine:


Facilitating art therapy students in group process at BC School of Art Therapy
Cooking a yummy breakfast for the girls and I
Making time to watch a Woody Allen/BBC production


The smarties:-(
Procrastination - housework and the washing pile!

Quote for the Day:

"Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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