Jan 9th - Step 6.  Keeping the Motivation

Around about now with the Christmas lights taken down and the bills from Christmas starting to pour in it may be that keeping motivation to make change starts to wain.  The kids are back in school, routines and work and general stuff and business all conspire to interrupt our best laid plans to do.....be...... make........etc etc.  The really important thing, from my perspective is not to set myself up to fail.  Expectations of ourselves and have you noticed just how hard we all are on ourselves, usually lead to disappointments.

How I (we) think about things dictates how I (we) feel about things.  If I think I can't do this or it's too hard, then I will think I am defeated and most likely give up.  I then feel disappointed, mad or sad and so the cycle begins. I have to keep reminding myself that - KISS (keeping it simple stupid) - is the most likely way to succeed and finish what I start. I can think myself into many complex reasons why something cannot be done - when oftentimes if only I would STOP thinking, the process toward completing would get along quite nicely.

So, if you find you are for what ever reason not able to follow the steps on a daily basis think about how often in a week you can do them. Make a plan that is realistic for you to stay with.   If you read the quote every day and that helps you reflect on something - that IS a success.  You are engaging in the process and working towards your goals. Hopefully you will then make time to do the exercises and follow them at your own pace. Remember we are only on day 6 and it takes at least five times as many days to create a habit!  If we were really on an actual walk we would all be walking at a different pace and that's OK!

And that's the exercise for today - to review your goals and make a plan that IS doable.  Review the original goals that you created at the beginning of our journey together.  Has anything shifted?  Is there anything that you want to change and consider why.  THINK about the goals.  Respond to your thoughts with how you feel. Are these thoughts and feeling familiar?  Once you have reviewed your goals re-write any changes to your plan.  Write down your thoughts and feelings.

If you find you need help consider contacting a professional coach or email me for individual coaching at Liza.miles1@gmail.com .  I also have a list of local and UK/USA professionals whom I trust to refer you to. You may need only one or two sessions to get you past this point.

Wheat and Gluten Free for Health Wellness and/or Weight Loss

OK so I promised more about eating gluten and wheat free.  If you are not eating carbs because you are following a non carb diet but not actually allergic or sensitive to wheat then the meal plans will also work for you.  You just won't have to worry about substituting things with wheat in them such as soy or Bisto.  Please note that I am not getting paid to sponsor any of the products that I may talk about or suggest and that all of the content of this blog is my own opinion.

For readers who want to follow this information specifically I have created a page with information about wheat and gluten free suggestions and a five day meal plan.  I will also continue to share some of my daily meals and any products that I find helpful.

There are tons of recipes on line and some of them are great but others I have found do not work well.  The recipes I suggest will all be the ones I have made and found to work.

Successes for today - list  minimum of three.  Here are mine

Going to curves
Making time to write this blog Keeping up my commitment)
Making time to spend time with my children and a friend in the midst of all the busyness
Taking a relaxing bath and reading Ian Rankin (love British Crime writers)


Ignoring laundry and other household stuff that bugs me
Recognizing that I am NOT superwoman :-)

Quote for the Day

Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission.  Eleanor Roosevelt

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