January 11th - Step 7   A Place of Possibilities

OK, so if you are counting the steps daily you are correct - we skipped a day.  I needed to take time for me to recover from a very challenging day at work trying to support a family who were falling through the cracks.  Advocacy can be exhausting and writing anything yesterday would just have been a diatribe of how frustrating the so called "support systems" are sometimes.  

The problem continues but through tenacity and the assistance of some like minded and excellent people also frustrated by the system we managed to create the beginnings of a solution.  It was a good reminder for me as a real life experience just how full our brains become when there is no seeming solution to a problem especially when the problem is a basic need.  When I co-facilitate training for coaches who are going to work with mothers with an addiction, mental health and or FASD (fetal alcohol spectrum disorder) diagnosis,  one of the modules in the training  includes Maslows Hierarchy of Needs - the precept of which is that without basic needs being met self actualization cannot occur.  (For information about this program visit: www.arccsociety.com)

In my opinion the same thing occurs when we become anxious, do not accept a situation or ourselves and resort to old patterns of dealing with things. That can be especially risky for anyone with an addiction.  The temptation to have several drinks, take drugs, sleep, eating, excessive spending or gambling as a way to avoid the problem.  

One of the concerns I have heard from people who do not want to attend AA or NA is that they do not agree with the fact that step one includes the word powerless.  It's an interesting point and yet, I think, when we actually say we are powerless about something we want to change that is what opens the door for change.  We are not holding on to a "right way" of doing something we are letting go and letting the unknown which, certainly can be scary, take us to a place of possibilities a place of healing and change.  

If you have a concern about addiction either your own or someone close to you I suggest you check out a local AA, NA or Al-Anon program at www.aa.org. For a personal coach in the Victoria area or a coach who can work with you online contact Janet Christie at www.janetchristie.ca. or at www.arccsociety.com  

Step 7 Exercise:

On a sheet of  large paper draw a free-handed circle.  Inside that circle find something round and smaller that fits in it.  Now draw around this object.  Select a colour and colour in the space between the outer and inner circle.  Continue and repeat the free-hand and drawing round an object and colouring (using different colours) until the whole paper is filled up.  Now you should have (hopefully) at least six circles with five colours on the paper.  Consider how you feel?  Was drawing free handed more or less frustrating that drawing around the circular object?  What thoughts did you have when you stared the exercise and what thoughts do you have now?  Are you judging your page or judging the validity of the exercise?  Did you enjoy/dislike doing this?  Consider for yourself what the purpose of the exercise represents to you and keep that for later reference.  We will be discussing the exercise later in our journey so, as with the lists it's important for you to keep it safe.

Time for Successes - Here are mine for today

Going to curves - yay 2nd time this week
Asking my children for help with chores so I could go to curves
Not taking the work problem home with me
Making time to write this blog


Eating cheese when I was making dinner
Not making time for a break during the day and therefore not eating properly

Quote for today

The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.
Carl Rogers

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