January 13th - Step 9 .   TGIF!  Making time to relax.

Usually Friday is my day "off".  I manage my hours for the non profit I work for into four days and try to dedicate Friday to writing, taking care of personal stuff and relaxing somewhat.  I'm fortunate to have a boss who is flexible and lets me do this and it's a big part of how I take care of myself.   I am also passionate about art therapy and how  our creative and imaginative self is such a wonderful healer.  Picasso talked about art as "the unthought known" .  I have experienced first hand, and with clients, the truth of those words.  Anyway I have committed to teaching students at the BC School of Art Therapy this afternoon and for the next two afternoons so my relax "me time" is compromised somewhat, save that I love the subject ad sharing that passion with others.

I also love that Friday is our family movie night - the girls and I tuck up under blankets and chow down on popcorn,  hot chocolate for the girls and a glass (or two) or Merlot for mumsy.  The important thing is that we are enjoying something together and relaxing - taking a break from the world.

Creating a space in the week for relaxing is really important, especially if you are raising children.   It's good modelling for children to see parents taking care of themselves.  When I teach parenting courses, facilitate groups for women and mothers or talk publicly I refer to the airplane model of self care - put the oxygen mask on you BEFORE you help someone else.  If we run ourselves ragged caring for others we are no use.  Same goes for employment if we are over worked we are less effective. Taking care of you first is NOT selfish, it is  essential  to keep you sane, healthy and lets you be your best self.  If my girls were writing they would say that when I am over stressed I am not a nice mummy to be around!

Step 9 Exercise

Make a date with yourself every week for the remaining weeks of the year that is just for you.  Maybe you'll commit to lunch with a girlfriend, visit a spa, a walk/run or hike in your favourite place with family or friends.  Maybe it's simply sitting in a bubbly bath and reading your favourite book and treating yourself to a yummy drink or a square of dark chocolate.  Whatever floats your boat - make that date - maybe you will do something different each week.  Make a note afterwards of the activities that really helped you relax and feel good.  Making a set date for this time is important. If we don't write it down and make the date - really it will never happen.  It has taken me a while to get used to saying "no" to things on Fridays save the things I know will make me happy.  Thinking of all the things you might like to do will hopefully put a smile on your face and if it doesn't or is too hard consider why.  Talk to a coach (you can email me at Liza.miles1@gmail.com) or I can help you find another professional - perhaps a friend can help. Taking care of you is taking care of others.

Successes today - 

Gong to Curves - yay 3 times this week now
Resisting a slice of left over pizza :-). Letting my daughter take it to school for lunch.
Making time to write this and enough time for a bubble bath before I go teach!


I really wanted the pizza so I'm dealing with cravings :-(
Admin stuff that I have not completed/guilt about the bath
Making time for me vs making phone calls.

Quote for the day:

"For fast acting relief try slowing down"  Lily Tomlin

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