January 17th - Step 12  "Oh lord won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz..."

If you were born anytime before the sixties you'll know the rest - for you youngsters out there the words are most famously sung by Janis Joplin.  I loved her voice and although the song isn't really a prayer when I watch old clips of her performing I think of a prayer - especially when she sings the line "prove that you love me"...http://www.youtube.com/artist/Janis_Joplin?feature=watch_video_title

I believe that the creative process whether we sing, dance, paint or make pots, create films, act, scrapbook or write poetry is an act of love that brings us closer to understanding who we are on the inside. Therefore when we make time to include creativity on our journey to health, wellness,  inner happiness and contentment,  our creativity becomes an act of courage.

"Finally, creativity is an act of bravery.  It states: I am willing to risk ridicule and failure  so that I may experience this day with newness and freshness.  The person who dares to create, to break boundaries, not only partakes of a miracle, but also comes to realize that in his process of being, he is a miracle". Joseph Zinker (from creative process in gestalt therapy)

Janis Joplin had courage - she was a female singer in a fairly male dominated profession, she did not pretty herself up - she was herself, warts and all.  Sadly her creative journey came to an end and the "dis" ease of her life triumphed over the potential she had through her voice However her voice lives on through film and recording and in that way she has left us her legacy.

Sadly I hear from many of the families - mums and dads and even youth - that I work with,  "oh I'm not creative" . Where on earth does that thought come from, I wonder - usually aloud!.  Creativity surely is the very essence of humanity.  If we weren't creative we would never have discovered fire, built the wheel, discovered how to create wonderful cuisine.  So, if you are having that thought right now - even a little bit, STOP.  YOU ARE CREATIVE.  Perhaps you haven't discovered or given time to let that important aspect of you out of the closet.  Perhaps you liked making tings when you were young but some not so helpful adult told you that you needed to stop wasting time and do your homework :-).  Perhaps you feel embarrassed by the sketches or watercolours that don't come out on paper the way you imagined them in your head - but that's OK. Think about ways in which you are creative, or would like to be.  Maybe you've dreamed of making a really fancy cake, or making something out of wood and that brings us to step 13....

Step 12

Think about something you would like to make, do, a secret talent that you have  - or even don't know you have but would like to try and give yourself permission to make time to include that in your life.  It doesn't matter how big or small the project you come up with is, the important thing is that you engage with it.  If you already use your creativity in a specific way, try something different - something you have always wanted to do but haven't made time for.  Now set a date for how and when you will start the project and a timeline for
when you will complete the first of (hopefully) many.

Thursday is step 14 Well done us - and that's an accomplishment to celebrate so we will.  YAY US!


Going to see my daughter's dance performance
Cleaning up the re-cycling room :-)
Making time to write and have the courage to put some very personal thoughts "out there"
Not giving in to chocolate cravings


Wanting more chocolate
The washing pile - clean but not organized
Not getting to curves this week so far

Quote for the day

"Playing the Piano is like making love, it fills me completely with joy"  Arthur Rubinstein


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