January 19th - Step 14.  Time to Celebrate!

OK half way through the number of days it takes to create a habit.  Staying with the original goal plan, making a few adjustments, doing a reality check and (in my case) losing a few pounds is definitely something to celebrate and even if that's celebrated by only by a note on the calendar, it IS worth recording.

Giving myself a pat on the back - giving yourself a pat on the back is  sooo important for soooo many reasons.  One of the reasons oftentimes I give up is because I don't think I'm worth it or nothing seems to be happening.  The weight isn't shifting, the savings aren't growing, I'm not feeling happier etc. etc.  But miracles sadly don't happen overnight they take a little longer.  Therefore celebrating and noting the commitment is essential as a motivator.

Personally I like to find small things to celebrate throughout the year and especially in January which can be a bit gloomsville after the excesses of Christmas and New Year.  Of course the Chinese have their New Year coming up and no doubt there are some big sporting events which can become an occasion for getting together and celebrating.

So, I'm planning to create a few different celebrations to mark "rites of passage" on my journey to an Inner Fiji.  For example when I get to the 10lb goal I set at curves I will invite some friends over for chocolate martinis.....or some other delectable treat.  Challenging myself to do something I have never done before when I have six months of sticking to my budget/spending plan that costs less than $20.00:-).  Taking my daughters and I for a spa day (more than $20:-)) when I reach the half way mark on the journey - yay only 168 more steps to go!

Step 14

Think about the important goals you have set yourself and create a plan to celebrate choose somethingyou WILL do when you reach the goal.  Additionally try and find something each month that you can reward yourself with just for staying on the journey or accomplishing certain aspects of your overall goal.
Finally make sure you make a note that this is day 14 and pat yourself on the back.  You are working towards what is important for yourself.  That's worth noting and celebrating.  Congratulations.


Eating wheat and gluten free all week
Making time to write


Not making time for Curves - using my daughters dance performance schedule as an excuse :-(

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Quote for the Day

As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world – that is the myth of the atomic age – as in being able to remake ourselves.” - Mahatma Gandhi.

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