January 21/22 - Step 16 - Food glorious food!

Just made some of the yummiest rice krispie squares - not exactly healthy but simply delicious and much needed on a windy drookle day.  We had a power out for most of it so the girls and I ended up at the mall spending my winnings from yesterdays lucky windfall at the casino.  Don't panic its not something I do too often but it's fun once in a while.  Yesterday my friend and I took our $20 - the maximum I'll ever spend - and had three hours of fun.  I came away with $150 and, after buying her dinner, felt very happy with my profit:-).

I really wanted to order a hamburger and asked the server if they could wrap it in lettuce for me because I am wheat and gluten free.  When she came back she told me that chef recommended I stay away from the burger because of the wheat fillers in the burgers.  Another time, at Whistler, I tried to order chili, and was told the same - wheat filler.  So, be careful out there what we think we are eating may not be the whole story.

I have become used to taking longer now to grocery shop because, although I cook most things from scratch, there are foods I buy for the girls lunches and snacks etc. which I take the time to read the labels on. My eldest is seeing our Naturopath doctor  in a couple of weeks for a health check and to talk about eczema, so I am wondering whether diet and what she eats  plays a part in that.  I try to shop as ethically as I can too - always buy free run or free range eggs, local chicken and beef and milk.  However things that I hadn't thought about such as cheese and yogurt are apparently from cows that live in factory farms - the farms that I am attempting to avoid.

When I visited my mum in England last Spring, I ate a ton of food and drunk quite a bit too (well when in Rome as they say :-)) and I didn't put on a single pound.  However here I put on pounds at the drop of a hat.  So I am guessing that lots of food over here has fillers and stuff I just don't know I am eating.  I know that lots of people think the Brits can't cook - but really, when the food is cooked well it tastes lots better.  I think the same is true in Mediterranean Europe too.

So where am I going with this?  Well, trying to loose weight and then having fillers snuck into what we eat is going to be a problem - even if you aren't wheat and gluten free.  You could add up the calories of a burger purely based on meat, which would be reasonable, but now we have to include calories for fillers.  At least when you tuck into a home made rice krispie square you know you are eating empty calories, but sometimes we all need a sweet treat.  So long as you count the calories within your weight loss goals, make sure to exercise, and don't repeat the treat daily, you will still loose weight.  It's all about balance:-)

Step 16 - Exercise and Meal Plan

As I mentioned a couple of days ago I haven't lost a pound this week.  Well, I haven't been to curves either and in part the snow storm, my daughters dance performances and work took priority I didn't make the effort to include this self care for me.  It's a fine line between taking care of my family and taking care of me - if I don't do the latter the family will suffer too.  Cranky mum when I'm not in good shape!  So step 16 is to look at a back up plan for exercise and eating when our normal schedule is interrupted.  For example maybe you are going on a business trip and will be eating out - how will that impact your weight loss goals - no plan and plan to fail as they say.  A back up plan is necessary because there is always going to be something come up in the weeks or months ahead that could derail us off our journey and goals.  Try to identify ways to exercise, eat healthily and make time for you by looking at your schedule over the next months and make a back up plan around holidays, festivals, a family get together and extra busy times.  Think of this like the emergency preparedness bag - you may not need it but it's great to have just in case.


Spending a relaxing day with the girls
Making time to write
Eating wheat and gluten free
Housework - Yay!


Not exercising today or all week = no back up plan!

Quote for the Day

What some call health, if purchased by perpetual anxiety about diet, isn't much better than tedious disease.
George Dennison Prentice

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