January 23rd - Step 17  Shake your booty!

OK so plan B into action today.  I managed to fit in 30 mins at Curves, despite having little time between finishing work, household chores and driving my daughter.  No plan B and likely curves would have been put off:-).

I have decided to add a weekly walk to get prepared for my 10K goal and I know I won't do this alone, so I've sent out an appeal for a weekly walking buddy.  To be really honest, whilst I enjoy walking I find it hard to motivate myself.  A bit like going to see a good movie, I can do it alone but I enjoy it so much better when I don't .

After I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006 I was determined to survive and I made a daily walk a part of my routine.  The woman I used to walk with has since moved back to the UK and other walking buddies have not worked out due to schedules.  I love Curves but I also enjoy being outside so walking is a great second activity for once or twice a week.

Apart from Curves and walking I enjoy dance/movement - but don't do it often enough, riding my bike - which I do in the good weather with the girls and our Wii fit game.  So I'm a little limited in the activities I like to do being more creative than a mover and shaker.  However I think that's really important to recognize - and helps with the commitment when I commit to something I enjoy for physical health rather than berating myself for not being sporty.

Step 17 - create your own exercise plan

Whether weight loss is one of your goals or not regular exercise is important for overall health and well being.  If you don't already have an exercise plan think about activities that you like and enjoy doing and consider how to increase them or add in a second or third activity.  If you have a friend or family member who can can do them with you, you may find that this helps the motivation if that's part of the problem.  If you don't know someone try putting out a request on Facebook or post an ad at work for a lunchtime get fit buddy.

Here are some suggestions for free/cheap exercise and workout plans:

Join a local rec. centre and use their facilities - good way to meet others.  If cost is a barrier see if the rec. centre has a free fitness pass or if you are in BC ask for a LIFE Pass.  That offers 52 free drop in sessions per year.

Join a walking or running clinic.  Rec centres and sports shoe stores offer these programs.

Set a goal.  For example to join in a 5 or 10k walk or run for charity and start getting ready for the event.

Become a dragon boater

Put on some of your favourite music and dance dance dance for 20 minutes

Yoga - there are some free or inexpensive programs through rec. and community centres available.

Create a 10 minute exercise routine and repeat it often throughout the week

Pick up a free exercise bike - I see many of these out on the roads in the spring/summer

Ride a bike

Always take the stairs at work rather than the elevator

Get Wii fit/just dance or X box dance program

Plan ahead and put in your schedule when where and how you are going to exercise and don't forget to include a plan B for those extra busy days and times.

Find a fitness buddy or buddies

Successes today (remember to record yours it's good to look back on them):

Going to Curves - Yay!
Putting the walking buddy request "out there"
Making time to relax and hang out with my girls


Getting caught up with being grumpy about small things
Procrastination - admin stuff
Wanting to do some art and not doing it because I have to do the washing - people need clothes.....

Quote for the Day

“Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” 
― A.A. Milne

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