January 26th - Step 20   A Fierce and Fiery Dragon am I!

The year of the Dragon, specifically the water dragon which, it is said,  brings people and communities closer together.  My ex has often called me a dragon which is not meant as a compliment.  However, if  I turn it around perhaps it's that I am strong, resilient and competent that bothers him the most:-)   I have also been called formidable.  This was used to describe me in a letter to my professor at IATE - meant as a concern she whooped when she read the letter aloud and stated "congratulations, take it as a compliment!"

The mythical dragon has been given powers of both positive and negative energy.  They have been described as fierce and dangerous, as bringers of good fortune and luck and endowed with mystical and spiritual powers over humans and other animals.

At our mums group today we pondered the question individually "if I were a dragon - what sort of dragon would I be?" We then traced and painted the dragons of our choosing - some were cartoon and cute, some were fierce and strong, others flew whimsically.  Each dragon representing characteristics and qualities of the artist.

So consider,  if you were a dragon what sort of a dragon you would be - what qualities and individual character traits do you bring to community, to relationships, to family and what do you most admire about yourself?

I will write up the full exercise for this on tomorrow's posting - in part because I am just coming down with a cold and my head is pounding first challenge and because my second challenge is that my computer has crashed so I am sneaking this post in on my daughter's notebook and she would like it back!

So before tomorrow make a start on thinking about your unique dragonly qualities and record your successes and challenges for today.

I will be back tomorrow - but before I go here's the quote for the day:

"We're our own dragons as well as our own heroes, and we have to rescue ourselves from ourselves."
Tom Robbins

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