January 4th - Round and around and around I go.... 

Step Two. Well done we made it to step two - that's a great start! - Did I mention I am an optimist :-)

Todays exercise is intended to help stop the cycle of whatever it is we do that is contributing to poor health, unhappiness, poor money management etc. and to start practising new and different habits.

Write down a list of events and behaviours that happen repeatedly and separate them out into two lists.  If you are artsy make the list into a carousel and name the animals.  Events and behaviours that are OK to be repeated (and why) versus events and behaviours that must stop (and why).  There are of course events and cirtcumstances that we have no control or power over but, as I reflect on times of chaos in my life I recognize that sometimes I contributed to and unconsciously had a vested interest in continuing the chaos because it was better than the unknown.

My OK (happy to keep) carousel:

Not completing creative projects before starting another one.  This is ok for me because I get bored easily and different seasons stimulate different creative outlets and they get finished in time.

Shopping more than once or twice a week and buying just a couple of things.  This is ok with me because I like to be spontaneous around meal planning and to buy vegetables and fruit fresh.

Planning for big events and travel that don't always happen because of time or budget constraints.  This is ok with me because it stimulates my imagination and I usually do end up creating something smaller or going somewhere less expensive which might not have happened if I had not had the big plan in the first place.

My not OK - (need to shove it) carousel:

NSF cheques and bank fees - poor money management.  Not ok with me because I feel stressed about money a lot and loose substantial amount of money when I pay these fees.

Weight and exercise - not making time to get to curves, walk or work out at home.  Not ok with me because as a cancer survivor,having hypo thyroid and being in middle age this causes a serious risk to my health and well being and when I do exercise I FEEL GREAT.

Watching too much TV - kidding myself I'm relaxing when I'm actually avoiding.  Not ok with me because it takes away from my creativity, contributes to my weight issues and robs me of time for other pleasurable things and tasks that I can't get back.

Whew that was exhausting - but worthwhile (I hope you agree).  We are done for today - we will find ways and means to work on the not OK lists and create those new healthy habits.  But, for now, put them in a safe place and take time out for you to do something relaxing.  And, if you don't have the time right at this minute, make a set time to do it later and DO IT!

Today's successess....

Eating gluten and wheat free

Making the lists

Having time to write this blog

Today's challenges....

Spending $4.50 at starbucks - not in the budget

Not making time to take a walk at lunchtime

Gluten and wheat free meals:

Breakfast - Sliced salami with fruit

Lunch - (selected from a buffet I attended) Cheese Chips, humous, fruit salad, guacamole, vegetables, artichoke dip

Dinner - Autumn carrot Soup with Cambozola cheese and salad

Treat - Skim milk green tea latte with 1 pump classic syrup.  1 chocolate from the pot:-)

Quote for the day:

"Live the life you love. Love the life you live."

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