January 5th - the weight goes up, the weight goes down, the weight goes up......:-)

Welcome to Step 3......if you have just found this blog you will find the first two steps in the archives to the right of the page.  Fiji is, according to a recent poll the place on earth where people are happiest - good for them! However as we can't all cram into Fiji the next best thing is creating our own island of happiness hence the name of the blog - Finding Fiji.

Yesterday we created a list of patterns that occur in our life.  The ones we are OK with and the ones we are not OK with.  For step 3  I am going to talk about one of the topics from my list - weight and look at how to start to manage sustainable weight loss along with a healthy eating and exercise plan that works for you.  You will create it..  Metabolisms, allergies, blood types all affect how we process food and affect what foods help us to be healthy and maintain a healthy weight. No one weight loss program or regime will work for everybody.

I have a very slow metabolism.  This did not matter so much when I was younger because, naturally I was a lot more active  However after two children and being diagnosed with hypo thyroid the weight piled on and I couldn't seem to shift it.  I became really tired so I didn't want to exercise, I ate more because I was hungry - stress makes me hungry, happiness makes me feel full :-) and I found myself trapped in a body I hated but couldn't seem to do anything about.  I even tried the "fake it till you make it method" pretending I didn't care - telling myself and others that the pounds would fall off when they were ready but the reality was I kept getting heavier, finally obese and I felt ill.

When I tried to talk to my doctor about my weight he told me to follow the Canada food guide.  I knew that wasn't going to help.  I tried crash dieting - followed by stuffing and gorging (delightful and disgusting), I had no energy to exercise and I craved carbs - the bad kind - all the time.  If you are squeamish skip the next line - I had bloody bowels daily (ewwwwwwww) and bags under my eyes you could pack the entire Canadian military supplies in.  In other words I looked and felt bloody awful!!  AND I wanted it to stop - I just didn't know how.

Enter Saint Sheree (Dr. Sheree Chapell - a naturopathic doctor at Hawthorn Naturopathic Centre in Victoria.  My wonderful boss suggested I visit her and during the consultation I cried when she assured me I wasn't crazy and that very likely my weight and depression about how I looked and felt were due to a wheat and gluten allergy.  Six weeks later, having not eaten gluten or wheat I looked, in the words of my friend Donna "ten years younger" (I think she exaggerated a bit) but the scales don't lie, I had lost 7 pounds and the puffy bags were down to packing for a small platoon.  I felt way better, I had energy and I joined Curves.  Even my children noticed and let me know that I seemed less "grumpy" hallelujah.

I knew when the Canada food guide was suggested that it was wrong for me, but I didn't know why.  I did knew however that,  after eating all the foods I craved - sweet stuff, pizza, breads and cinnamon buns - I felt more tired, crashed and the bb (bloody bowel) thing got worse.  That doesn't happen at all now.  The naturopath  helped me connect the dots.

So how does knowing all that about me help you?  Great question.  In the words of Diane Malbin when things don't work try them differently, not harder.  If you are struggling with your weight and have tried diets, and or exercise programs and nothing is working listen to yourself.  What is your body telling you you need.

What food or habits that you have contribute to not feeling good?  If you are too tired to exercise and want to start loosing weight,  try to start a program without the exercise and build up to a short daily walk - whatever it is you can manage.  Starting a weight loss plan on a Friday is a bad idea, so if you are planning to start wait until Monday. Do you need an allergy test?  What are the weak points in your eating habits?  What are the foods you crave and how do you feel after you have eaten them?  Listen to your body and if you can't connect the dots on your own talk to a professional who can help.  It really is worth it.  Drinking 8 cups of water and or green tea and taking the right type of supplements for your age and body can also be beneficial.  My friend J lost a ton of weight following The Idiot Proof Diet (from Pig to Twig) by India Knight and Neris Thomas. Find something that makes sense to you - you are the expert for your body.  Take time to listen to what he or she's saying and love yourself to pieces!

OK - that was a lot of reading.  Now for the exercise......Step 3

Really part of beginning to loose weight and get healthy physically and or emotionally depends in part on how we view ourselves.  If the following exercise is hard for you  to complete today keep working with it over the next weeks as you visit the blog.  Write down your first thoughts about the exercise and keep those notes and review them when you complete it - because you will, I believe in you.

Write down what you love about yourself - I mean LOVE.

Write down what you like about yourself.

Write down at least three things that make you unique

If weight loss and or exercise is a goal write down how much weight you would ideally like to loose (averaging 1 to 2 pounds a week) figure out a realistic goal for yourself in three months.
If you don't currently have an exercise plan or have one you would like to increase, repeat the exercise, how much and how often - make a realistic goal for three months time.  Measure your chest, waist and hips, and record your weight. Date them and write underneath your stated goals for yourself.  Remember BE REALISTIC.

Here are my weight and exercise goals:  In three months I would like to be 15 pounds lighter than I am today.  So by April 5th I would like to weigh 145 pounds - that's 15 pounds less than I weigh today.  I would like to be able to walk a 10k in 45 minutes and commit to at least four visits a week to curves, as well as other daily exercise on none curves days.

If you are willing to go public with your goals - post a comment on the blog.  If you don't want to be public perhaps you have a friend or family member to share your goals with. Choose someone who will not laugh or say that's impossible. The key to success and maintaining commitment is to write them down.  Otherwise they can end up on the "someday Isle..." which is not where we are heading!  If you need some extra support you can contact me for individual coaching at liza.miles1@gmail.com, or find a friend or local coach.  We all need a cheer leader.

In the next few days I will create a page of gluten and wheat free recipes.  What were your successes today - what were your challenges?  Give thanks for the things that went well - even on a bad day there is usually one small thing to give thanks for.

Namas Day - hope to see you here tomorrow.  If you like the blog , and or have suggestions, please become a follower or post a comment.

Quote for the Day: "Be the change you want to see in the world"  Ghandi 

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