I will share daily posts about working towards my goals and how it's going for me, wheat and gluten free recipes and other self care tips or stress busters including art therapy exercises, meditations, humour and money management.   I invite you to join me and share in the exercises and comment how it's going for you - when you have challenges and when you have successes.

Feel free to join at anytime - just start at the beginning and follow the steps - if you get waylaid pick back up where you left off and don't beat yourself up. Remember it's a journey not simply arriving at a destination! If you are serious about wanting to make change in your life - whatever that change looks like for you this is a GREAT place to start!!!!!!!

Health and wellness does not happen by wishful thinking, and money does not roll in because we imagine it will - it takes action, determination and bucket loads of courage. So come on, get your metaphorical walking shoes and backpack ready and let's go - it will be an adventure that will change your life.
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January 3rd Exercise One - In the beginning there was chocolate!

Step One:  Think of a goal or goals you want to accomplish within the next twelve months - make the goal(s) manageable, not so small that they don't count and not so big that you are busted  before you even get started. Create a list - mine are written out below.  At the end of the day record your successes and challenges.  If you have more challenges than successes try to think of what contributed to that and reflect how you could approach the same problem differetly.  For example note that I ate chocolate because they were left over and sitting out on the coffee table.  I have put the chocolates in a container in a cupboard.  I give myself permission to have ONE a day.  Eat more and I put $10.00 to a charity of my choice. My children are witnesses!

My goal(s):
  •  to loose another 15 pounds in weight (weight today 160 lbs)
  •  work out 30 minutes each day
  •  to save enough money to take my girls and I to Europe for a month
  •  manage my expenses without using credit.
  • Went to curves - 30 minute workout
  • Ate balanced and nutritious gluten and wheat free meals*
  • Ate seven squares of left over Christmas chocolate and an after eight mint given to me by my daughter - how could I refuse :-)
* Gluten and wheat free meals:

   Breakfast:  One egg fried in butter sprinkled with flax seed and a slice of watermelon
   Lunch:  Chicken in curried mayonnaise with mango and cashew nuts
   Dinner:  Prawn salad with cranberrries and Cambozola cheese

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