February 11th - Step 30The Gift of Time. 

"Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in."  Henry David Thoreau

One of the goals I set myself at the beginning of this journey was to use my time differently.  In my mind I had "no time" to do the things that I claimed I wanted to do - such as writing each day, making things, painting.  Truth is, by changing how I think I have since discovered, I do have the time.

When the girls were little - time was very scarce, my energy due to illness and allergies was low and money was tight for going out. Thus,  I had created routines for entertaining myself and taking a break that I was still using, television being one of them.  That habit was driving me crazy.  I would sit in front of a program telling myself do something else and feel very cross and frustrated when I went up to bed having accomplished nothing but staring at the television.  There are some great shows - my preference are ones from the UK - and really I could  still be creative and have the shows on.  I just wasn't doing that and the conflict was inside me.  My mind was stuck - and time slipped away.

When I changed how I thought, commiting myself to a public online journey meant that writing daily became a priority.  Joining the hub community and writing articles also made writing a prioriy.  Setting up an online store within the arcc society website (almost ready to be launched at http://www.arccsociety.com/) prioritized creativity - making things to sell in the store along with the other artists.  Suddenly I had time - the day is still 24 hours, I am still a good mum and present for the girls when they need me, I still sleep for 7 to 8 of them, and I feel better by being productive and engaging in things which are important to me.

Step 30

Consider how you use time.  What is getting in the way of your creativity, doing things for pleasure, spending time on things and with people who are important to you, not based on duty?

Highlight one area where you notice you are spending a lot of time doing something you don't love and think about replacing it with something you do.

Perhaps there is a compromise or someone else can take on part of whatever it is that is taking you away from time spent on things that are important to you. For example:
  • if you are making dinner, make double and put one in the freezer, that means you have a pre-made dinner and won't have to cook. 
  • Get your children and family to take on some of the chores they can manage and accept they won't be done the way you would do them. 
  •  If TV is a habit for you, or there are programs you don't want to miss - find a craft that you can do while you watch such as knitting, beading, sewing - even baking if space allows for a kitchen TV and that's what you love. 

Hopefully you too will notice that you appear to have more time and feel happier by doing and including more things you love in your life.


Weight loss - not putting on any more pounds and maintaining what I have lost so far
Writing this blog.
Publishing ten different hubs published on line - visit http://lizam1.hubpages.com/
Making some fabulous beaded bracelets and earrings for the store
Saving cash for a car:-) very happy


The daily "note to self" and not slipping back into old habits
Earning more income
Accepting some of the bad choices and decisions I have made in the past

Namas Day

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