February 1st - Step 22. Getting back to the daily grind:-)

Well that was quite the ugly bug I caught. Glad to say I feel so much better tonight.  I also managed to go out and buy a new computer. So, back to blogging with a fresh head and a great new |(well new to me) machine.  Thanks to my neighbour Joyce for driving me to the store, despite having the ugly bug herself.  (I also need a new to me car - but that's another story.....)

Resting up for the last few days has given me lots of time to read, watch movies and listen to the CBC.  Having the bug was by no means great, but being at home and being still made me appreciate  how much activity it takes to make the week run smoothly and "happen" in our home.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner for three teens plus myself to be planned and shopped for, general housework, feeding and cleaning out the cats litter box, a full time job, walking or driving/busing the girls to recreational activities and spending time with them, connecting with friends and making time for chats to my mum on the telephone leaves little space in the day for quiet time.  Yet I know that when I do make time and space in my day to take a quiet moment I am more efficient, kinder and patient than when I do not. 

So, in a way, the bug turned out to be a blessing, a reminder that when I don't create good balance health and wellness suffer and I create a stumbling block.  To be honest I was ready to give up on the journey because I felt like it was one more thing to do - yet this one more thing is part of the process to better balance, to freedom.  So far 506 people from around the globe have visited this blog - not everyday and not every page - it feels good to be sharing these thoughts and journey with so many

Creating balance does sometimes mean giving things up that aren't necessary and which create negative or unnecessary stress, Trouble is oftentimes those are the things we keep because our bad habits can be like a comfortable itch - we want it gone but it's oh so familiar.

Here's the exercise for Step 22

Try to make time in your day for reflection, meditation or prayer - whichever works best for you.  I have posted a step by step suggestion how to start this process at http://lizam1.hubpages.com/hub/Mediation-Prayer-and-Health .  If you would like other suggestions about how to incorporate a daily quiet time, or would like to make a suggestion please post a comment or email me at liza.miles1@gmail.com.  Namas Day

Quote for the Day

"Meditation is the gateway, through which you arrive to the world of freedom."  Remez Sasson.

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