February 3rd - Step 24.  Getting closer to creating the habit.

Research suggests that habits can take anywhere from a month to 8 months to become familiar  That's for good habits right ?  Seems to me that bad habits can happen a heck of a lot faster with disastrous consequences!   The good news is that we are almost at the end of month one of the journey and that we will be passing eight months in another 216 days.

Trusting that the doomsayers forecasting the end of the world are not accurate - although listening to CBC news tonight I have to wonder - that gives us plenty of time to find our inner Fiji and create that good old habit of happiness and enjoy the fruit of our labours by embracing our goals.

However here's the rub.  If we just carry on the journey but don't actually participate then likely as not Fiji will remain the someday isle and that would be sad because we will find ourselves a year from now still stuck at step one.

Planning is a necessary part of ensuring that we go forward with success.  As a serious proscratinator and former "someday I'll..." sayer I know from experience that recording, charting and writing down my intentions are the only way that my intentions will become a reality.  For sure I can "trust in the universe" but if I don't participate in what the universe is asking me to do, then frankly not a lot will happen.

Over the next couple of days I will be creating success charts - a series of stepping stones that will help me and you record how much or how little we are practising what we say we want for ourselves.  For example saving, weight loss,  changing career path.  Whatever the goal (s) that you realistically set for yourself and why you are taking this journey.

I have shared a lot of ideas and exercises over the past days - some of them will be relevant to you, others not so much.  The important thing to ask today is where is your motivation meter?  Is it up or is it down or is it about the same as when you first started?

Step 24

Review your original goals and re-visit the pages and lists you made over the past days.  If there are some missing make a date with yourself when you will accomplish them by - it is better to take time and not rush and to recognize the difference between taking time and procrastinating. 

Begin to collate the lists into an order that makes sense to you and make a copy of them.  This is in preparation for a collage.

Record your successes and challenges for the day:-)

Writing another hub (gluten free deserts and goodies)
Making time for the blog
Recognising procrastination
Yay - One more pound off the weight this morning
Spending the morning with an old friend

Getting to curves
Getting paperwork and oragnizing files completed

Quote for the Day

 “Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday and avoiding today.”Wayne Dyer

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