Step 32 - Twas the night before Valentine....

Quote for the Day:  "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.  They must be felt with the heart."  Helen Keller

Whether you are newly in love, getting over heart break, a long term couple, or flying solo it's pretty hard to forget that tomorrow is St. Valentine.  Love is the one emotion that is capable of taking us to our highest level of happiness and plummeting us to our deepest sorrow. Over the years I have celebrated many different types of valentine days - from intimate dinners to girls only cocktails helping someone over a heartbreak.  Whilst St Valentine may really be about love between lovers, I am joining in the celebrations by baking a Valentine tea for my two girls, friends and our homestay student from Japan.  No surprise bouqets, no cards, just a lovely tea, made with love. 

Perhaps it's my age or the fact that I have been single for twelve years that I now really appreciate the quiet, stable certainty of the different loves in my life.  The love I feel for my two children, for friends, for the community and for my mum.  They each offer multidimensional experiences of love for which I'm truly thankful. 

I hope that tomorrow will be filled with joy for you but, if it's a challenge to cope with all the hearts flowers and pink constant reminders try and focus on something that does bring you joy - something current or a memory.  Focusing on what we wish we had will decrease the capacity of happiness and the effects can be long lasting.

Step 32

Write a thank you letter to yourself - a love letter.  Tell yourself about all the unique qualities you possess and say thank you for all the kind/ generous/ helpful/loving etc. etc. things you have done for others.  Take time to think about them - however small, even a smile on the bus to a stranger.  Put the letter in an envelope and ask a friend or work colleague to mail it to you in a week or two.  This may feel silly to do, but honestly it is a wonderful exercise and a lovely "surprise" when the letter arrives back to you in the mail.

Successes today

Making time to write
Juggling work, after school activities and grocery shopping without transporation
Eating wheat and gluten free


Time for chores at home
Loose ends and admin stuff - least preferred tasks:-)

Namas Day

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