Step 33 -  Quote for the Day:  "This one step-choosing a goal and sticking to it - changes everything"   Scott Reed

Today, I feel a little off my game.  I am moving forward but my energy is zapped and I recognize that if I don't get on top of it, the achievements of the last couple of weeks have the potential to slip back to zero.  That's NOT going to happen - if only my left foot could reach my butt:-) 

I recognize that, in part, I am dealing with a lot of crisis at my work - homelessness, child apprehensions and families frustrated by a system that seems dead set against them getting the assistance they need to move upwards and onwards.  I also had a "stupid" and unnecessary conflict with a very unhelpful bank teller who insisted on quoting policy rather than empathy and finding a way to try and be helpful. 

Although I don't take on others problems I do get frustrated that social justice issues are not a priority and society seems happy to leave the invisible and visible problems to others to work out.  Last night I wrote some prose about how I was feeling - you can check it out at

Stress at work, at home and unexpected issues can take our eyes off our goals.  That's when we need to find an outlet, some way of processing the problem, or releasing the stress.  For me writing, painting or creating a collage can do that.  For the more sporty going for a run, yoga or working out at the gymn might work.  It is also important to review and re-state the goal(s) that has been set. 

When sticking at something feels like an uphill climb we need a coach, a cheerleader.  Talking to a friend or family member who agrees how difficult it is may be tempting but actually what we need at this point is someone who will be the left foot on the butt and kick start our lapse in motivation.  You know  - the coach we love to hate:-)

The other day we had a big bag of smarties that the girls were tucking into, I had to ask them to hide the bag.  The next night I knew I was in control of chocolate cravings and asked for a few of the smarties - they refused and I got quite grumpy. "All I want is 12"!  I am not going to tell you the outcome.......that's step 33.

Step 33

I hope you are not having a struggle or feeling less than motivated.  This is a good time to plan prevention.  Select someone you will call, pre-brief them if you like and let them know what you need from them when you call.  Tell them how they can help get you back on track.  Also, agree on a signal when you need them to stop and listen and to let them know you are back on track .  Agree on when they will check back with you to help the re-start process and what you will do to support yourself in between. 

I missed out the "back on track" signal when I requested the smarties be hidden - hence getting grumpy when I knew I was back in control - they had no way to know that.  Agreeing on signals is important.

If you are struggling try your hand at writing, painting or making a collage.  Do something physical.
Talk to someone and use the strategies above - let them know you need a kick start.


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