Step 35 -  Taking Charge.    "You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself" - Jim Rohn

I am so lucky to love what I do - the work is both rewarding and challenging.  Most of all I enjoy being part of a team of highly skilled and wonderful individuals. Each one has a unique strength.  Sometimes we each get "bugged" by something someone has done, that is different to how we would handle it. The motto connect and nurture is true for both the families we serve and how the team is treated by our ED and supervisor.

Yesterday along with my supervisor Patricia and Janet Christie of ARCC I co-facilitated a workshop for women - mothers - who are or who had struggled with addiction and mental illness.

We originally planned the workshop last fall and had set up a day of, what we thought were really good mini-workshops.  The vote was in - hardly anyone registered.  We changed the format to a day of community art and Lo we were full. 

The women, most of whom did not know each other, shared meaningful and moving insights about their life experiences with the rest of the group.  The participants and facilitators each created individual collages which will become one large collage to represent healthy mothers, healthy children and healthy communities. The art, creativity, facilitated conversation, trust and openness.

Since making a daily commitment myself to consciously include creativity in my day - writing this blog, creating an exercise, writing hub pages, creating jewellery and silk scarves for friends and to sell for Arcc (, my happiness graph is definitely steadier and my moods more stable.  Of course, as with the other day, there are days where I am not "feeling it", but I am noticing a really strong connection with my family, that I am less distracted and more engaged with what I feel and think and am making healthier choices.

At IATE ( where I trained as a therapist, the college insist on engagement with regular creative activity as a pre-requisite.  I don't think I truly understood the importance of this until after the first year of training.  However, when I look back at my life the happiest and most stable times for me have always been when creativity has been present and regularly engaged with. 

Step 35

Choosing your favourite creative medium - writing, painting, dance et al, create a "thank you" for the gift of imagination and creativity.  If you do not have something tangible such as a picture or piece of written work, try and photograph or film yourself in action as a record of this moment.


Spending most of today writing
Saying no to being tempted to spend $'s on entertainment this evening
Making new connections and networking with other writers


Not going to curves this morning - no excuses!

Namas Day

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