Step 37 -  Trying differently not harder.

"The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one." - Elbert Hubbard

Discussing how to increase my income and raise enough money for our UK trip this summer my friend Darlene told me -"Do something that you do well."  It was such an eye opening thought and seems so obvious now that I am writing it here; yet, I couldn't see the big picture for myself.

Her thoughts and perspective helped me look at the situation differently and see some creative solutions.  Doing what I do well, not thinking how to do things I haven't a clue about, or an interest in doing.

So, today, venturing bravely into the world of doing and not thinking about doing, I launched my $10,000 challenge.  Knowing that I have a tendency to bite off more than I can chew I decided that I needed help making a decison about which idea, or combination of ideas, based on what I do well I should pursue.  If you'd like to vote for one go to  - all feedback is greatly appreciated. 

Do you have a problem, or are you facing a challenge that is keeping you stuck?  There is most likely a different way to look at the problem that will shift your energy.  Once that happens you will come up with a solution for doing it differently.  I don't mean to trivialize things by stating this - we all get stuck with some huge issues more than once in our life.  However, remaining stuck with, or in them, is a choice. 

Timing is everything and only you know whether you are ready to start the process of change.

If you don't have someone who comes to mind as someone you can discuss this with, I would be happy to help you brainstorm ideas if you want to.  Either post a comment or send an email to

Finding Fiji is growing internationally - there are now readers from UK, Russia, Brazil, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, Turkey and USA as well as Canada.  Welcome all and thanks for joining the journey to finding our inner happy place:-).

Step 37

Create a creative challenge for yourself.  If you are a writer, make up a dance, if you are a photographer create a haiku etc. etc.  If you have a mindset that tells you I am not creative try making a collage.  Do this in response to a challenge you have or something you regularly do that you would like to change.  See how this exercise makes you feel and what thoughts you have about the challenge or making changes.  Write them down and keep with your other writings and art pieces.


one pound lighter despite the chocoholic sunday
eating very healthy wheat and gluten free food all day
learning how to be the site administrator for
Walking half way to work instead of transferring buses


loose ends and paperwork at work and at home
accepting help!

Namas Day

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