Step 38 -   "Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash."   ~Leonard Cohen

Today I have been in a poetic mood.  Rhymnes and ditty's from my childhood have popped into my head at random and my colleagues were amused by my contagious chuckles. 

Coming home -it was one of the "long days" at work I was pretty tired and low energy.  After chatting with my daughters I was wondering whether I had the energy to write.  Suddenly I found myself writing a poem about cats - you can check it out on the hub page link - An Ode to Cats and Kate -if you want to.

At school, poetry was something I literally fell in love with but I quickly became disillusioned about being able to write it and gave up.  Now I know that the rhymnes and haikus I enjoy writing are not of literary genius but they give me pleasure and enjoyment.  And sometimes they give others pleasure too.

So many of us are good, not necessarily great, but get pleasure from so many different creative activities.  Photography, writing, drawing, card making etc. etc.  yet, we can also easily fill our lives with avoiding the very creative pursuits that would relieve stress and bring us happiness.

Creatively we do not have to be really great at something to  enjoy the process of doing it and for it to bring us happiness and a sense of freedom.  Recently I was discussing art and the process of painting with someone who was frustrated that, when he conceived of a picture it didn't turn out the way he wanted to, so he has stopped painting.  

I suggested that instead of figuring out what the picture should look like, forget the "should" and just paint, let it be a process.  Eventually maybe after a few different experiments the painting that is meant to become will become.  I have experienced that same situation so often with clients, with whom I work as an art therapist, so often the beauty that eventually emerges out of the chaotic beginnings is beyond words.

Writing is like that too.  Just because we can put words on paper the first words we put down may, and most likely will not be, the words that end up in the final poem, story, letter et al.  But if we don't write the first words, how will we know?

There is a popular saying that is available for walls, and on cards......."Dance as if no one were watching, sing as if no one were listening, and live every day as if it were your last"  Anon

Step 39

Reflect on the above saying and consider something - anything that you want to do/make or create - and give yourself permission to do it.  Forget all the should and can't and never messsages that hover around and begin.  Whatever turns out love it and keep doing it until it tells you, I am done.  Not punitively, but patiently and lovingly.  Be gentle with yourself.  Try not to criticize and remember,  a pearl is the scratchings of an oyster and when it began it was as if nothing at all.  Keep scratching!!!!!!


Making it through the day and writing instead of turning on the TV
Wheat and gluten free all day, except for one tiny bite of a lemon square - I resisted the second bite:-)
Picking up groceries on the way home and not getting grumpy about lack of transport


No time for curves
Not taking enough time for personal care such as re-tinting my hair
Making time for a break at work

Namas Day


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