Step 39 - A Tale of Two Writers....."Adversity is another way to measure the greatness of individuals. I never had a crisis that didn't make me stronger."   Lou Holtz

In 1996, when I first moved to Canada, I had plans - plans to spend my professional time working as an art therapist and writing.  I would be a stay at home mum and work my businesss and writing around the needs of my children.  Well, they say the best laid plans often go awry and mine certainly did.

However, looking back over the last twelve years, the above quote rings so true.  All that we have gone through and where we are now is as a result of what we have overcome.

Of course I have had many years to work at writing, it was my choice not to, although at the time I didn't see it that way.  In my twenties a good friend, who also wanted to be a writer and  is now very successful, worked really hard in his time off and wrote consistently. 

I, on the other hand talked a lot about wanting to "do" but spent very little actual time "doing" outside of  my work in production - where I did write lots. Unlike Anthony I did not apply the discipline to my outside time and set clear goals to bring my ideas to fruition.

Since I have been writing for pleasure on an almost daily basis from the beginning of the new year I have noticed two things;  Firstly that I am way less stressed about the day to day stuff overall and secondly that my happiness meter is definitely up on a more consistent basis.

I have given up income that was taking time away from my family and opportunities to be creative, in faith that the income will be replaced by my creative endeavours that I have committed time to. I have earned the grand total of just over $2.50 thus far but I'm proud of that and the encouragement and positive feedback I have received from others is worth it's weight in gold.

Step 39

If you are currently frustrated by not achieving a goal or a dream that you believed possible take a look at the reality of the goal or dream and consider what is holding you back.  Of course any goal has to be grounded in reality - it's no good saying you want to be a famous hockey player just because you're good at watching hockey.....:-)

Is visiting this blog regularly helping you?  Are you participating in the exercises?  Are you passively seeking change or are you embracing it?

Take a moment to reflect on your answers to the above and maybe write them down.  Where are you now and where do you hope to be 324 steps from now?   Re-visiting goals in the process of reaching them takes us closer to achieving what we set out to achieve. 

Sometimes the goals we start out with change due to circumstances, or because they were not realistic, or they were superficial and engaging in the journey takes us to a deeper more authentic place.

Successes today....

A wonderful day at work with mums group and later a tween and teen girls group
Making time to write
Walking half way to work
Organizing household things and creating a healthy supper despite the time crunch


All of the above!
Being tired and still facilitating groups

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Namas Day

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