Step 41 -  Starting the day mindfully.  "You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you." - James Allen

Beginning to eat mindfully has been a challenge.  No doubt that when I think about food, it makes me want to eat.  I am connected emotionally to food, and as I have written earlier that has not been very healthy for me. 

Whilst I also love to cook and have people for dinner and my dinners for my family are made with love, I can pop chunks of cheese into my mouth without even realizing it.  

Mindully eating - that is considering each and every meal or snack that I eat and being appreciative for the food and being mindful of the blessing, nutrition or potential harm the food could be to my body sounds intense when I write it but it isn't in practise.

My goals for the mindfullness exercise are: 

  • To shift off a few more pounds. 
  • To balance my eating throughout the day and not have late night adventures with cheese:-) 
  • To stay within my personal calorie intake goals and drink more water. 
  •  To be thankful for the food I am eating and be aware of foods that I shop for and what's in them. ( I do mostly only buy and cook from scratch but manufacturers do sneak bad things in even the most innocent looking snack.)
Successes -

Yesterday went really well, did not perseverate on food and ate healthily, balanced and thankfully - all wheat and gluten free.  Dropped one pound.


Making pancakes for the girls, I snuck two after they had gone to vsiit with their Dad.  Grrrrrr. 

Namas Day

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