Steps 41-47 mindfullness update.  "When spiderwebs unite they can tie up a lion" Ethiopian Proverb

We have the above quote posted as our quote for the week at Saanich Neighbourhood Place, where I work.  I like the visual aspect that such fine threads, when put together, are strong enough to tame such a strong animal.

In context of mindfullness the quote similarly speaks to the fact that, oftentimes in the beginning of making changes, our efforts can seem pathetic and weak, but if we continue they strengthen and can become powerful.

This part of the journey is quite challenging for me.  I am a little grumpy and I do feel tired.  In fact when I opened my computer to post an update last night my eyes began to close so I opted out.  I am not sure if the challenge is that I am actually reducing calorie intake or if it is an internal psychological battle between habit and a new way of thinking.

I also haven't been to curves for the last two weeks and my body is hurting as a result of the lack of exercise.  That stops today!!

I hope your experience at this stage is less of a challenge than mine - and, whatever your experience, you will keep going.  It would be great to have some comments or feedback from readers about how things are going.

I will post again on Thursday.

Namas Day!

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