Sunday 12th February - Step 31.  Enough of the yoyo diets!

Quote for the Day: "Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.  The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time." Thomas A. Edison

I am celebrating success having lost a few more pounds.  If one of the goals for you on this journey is weight loss I have posted some more information on my hub page at:  You will also find a delicious menu for a valentines day wheat and gluten free tea at

Now that we are at day 31 the potential for giving up, if  we don't begin to see results, might start to become a nagging force.  Certainly this has been true for me in the past.  The important thing, as I have written in earlier posts, is not to give up if we fall down for a day or so.

Whether you are celebrating successes or struggling with challenge, because you are not experiencing change, being aware of the highs and lows of the journey helps us mark milestones.  I think thirty one days is a significant milestone.

I remember many years ago going to the Lake District with my then boyfriend.  We walked and walked and walked -taking in the breathtaking views and enjoying the sun.   Suddenly and quite dramatically the weather changed.  What started as a sunny warm spring day became cold and windy.  The clouds rolled in and it started to pour with rain.  I had a light daypack but no hat.  We lost our trail coming down a different unmarked path and I became disoriented.  I sat down and started talking gibberish about giving up.  Honestly we were hardly in the wilderness but my mind played tricks and I thought it was the end.  Fortunately my boyfriend had his wits about him, slapped my face and made me march fast. Eventually we arrived back at the hotel, sodden but with no harm done.  Good lesson take a hat and be equipped for sudden change! 

Exercise 31

Think about a real journey you have taken in the past.  Think about which piece of equipment or clothing that was essential, or you might have needed, to help you out of a difficult situation.  Find or draw or create an image of this and post it somewhere you can see it.  Use the visual to motivate you when the road ahead seems challenging, you feel like giving up or you have an ooops. 

There will always be rocks on any road ahead - the trick is to focus on where we are going and not on the rock, otherwise we risk falling right over it.

Namas Day

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