Continuing the steps .  Love (48), Courage (49, Wisdom (50)  -   "Loving-kindness and compassion are the basis for wise, powerful, sometimes gentle and sometimes fierce actions that can really make a difference - in our own lives and those of others."  Sharon Salzberg

I really like that the above quote combines the three steps we have taken since Saturday, based on the teachings of the seven sacred traditions.

It is hard to be courageous if we don't believe in our potential and, to believe in our potential, we have to love who we are and trust our inner wisdom.  Looking back I can see soooo many missed opportunities simply because I didn't believe in myself and trust my instincts.  I have also screwed up royally on a number of things, usually because I made an emotional decision, not based on good process and due dilligence.

The road to health and wellness depends on balance - that is balancing our emotional and cognitive responses to situations.  I see spirituality as being a natural part of both the emotional and cognitive process and, although this sounds counter intuitive that includes agnosticism and aetheism.  After all if we are secure in our faith, or non belief, that is balance. 

Fanaticism (for definitions see whether it be religious, intellectual or physical is the opposite of life in balance and, therefore, can taint our natural and good instincts.  Love, courage and wisdom can become negative and retroflective doctrines.

I will post again on Thursday - and in the meantime continue with the next three traditions - truth, respect, honesty.   


Maintaining mindfulness and reflecting on the steps
Not rushing into purchasing a car - waiting for "right one"
Being reflective about how I use my time
Being thankful for things I used to grumble about
Staying wheat and gluten free

Confession - still have not made it to curves.  Partly the transportation problem, partly a mental block.
Mindtalk about meeting some of my stated financial goals.

Namas Day

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