Step 48 - 55 The Seven Sacred Teachings   

 "Honor the sacred. Honor the Earth, our Mother. Honor the Elders. Honor all with whom we share the Earth:- Four-leggeds, two-leggeds, winged ones, Swimmers, crawlers, plant and rock people. Walk in balance and beauty." Native American Elder

The seven sacred teachings appear in many different bands across the US and Canada. They are written differently and some of them include animals, whilst others do not.

Having always been curious about different spiritual beliefs and pratices, when I came to Canada I wanted to find out more about the spiritual practices of the Aboriginal peoples. Given that there are so many cultures within the Aboriginal communities this is a work in progress.

As a "white girl" from the UK I was raised in the Christian tradition. Although aspects of that faith are still very important and helpful I embrace and include spiritual practices from other cultures to support health and wellness on this journey to (hopefully) being a kinder and respectful citizen of the world. The Seven sacred Teachings are, in my opinion, a beautiful ethical code to live by. I have also created a seven step art therapy program for individuals and groups based on these teachings. The Gift Project is available at

Steps 48 - 55 Exercise:  Reflect on the following teachings.  Choose one each day and consider how it relates to you in your life write down your thoughts and keep them with your other writings.

Love (Eagle)
To feel true love is to know the Creator. One's first love is to be the Great Spirit. You express love for the Great Spirit by loving yourself and how the Great Spirit made you. Only then can you truly love others. Children are to be loved, for children are gifts from the Great Spirit.
Courage (Bear)
To have COURAGE is to have the mental and moral strength to listen to the heart. It takes courage to do what is morally right. First Nations people were told to be proud of who they are and never to deny the way of life the Great Spirit gave to them.
Wisdom (Beaver)
To live in wisdom is to know that the Great Spirit gave everyone special gifts. Showing wisdom is using your gifts to build a peaceful and healthy family and community. When we know and use our gifts, we become an instrument of the Great Spirit, helping to bring peace to the world.
Truth (Turtle)
Always seek the TRUTH. The truth lies in spirit. Prayer was to be done every day at sunrise to give thanks to the Great Spirit for the gift of life. Each of the gifts and ceremonies were given by the Great Spirit to the Original human beings to help them find the truth and the true meaning of their life on Earth. Living the truth is living the Seven Sacred Teachings, living from the heart.
Respect (Buffalo)
First Nations people were told to always RESPECT all life on Mother Earth. To show real respect is to share and give of yourself for the benefit of all life. Respect the Elders from all races of people who uphold the sacred teachings of the Great Spirit.
Honesty (Sasquatch)
To be HONEST with yourself is to live in the spirit of how you were created. Never lie or gossip about each other. The more honest you are the bigger you become as a person.
Humility (Wolf)
Always carry out actions in HUMILITY. Think of your family, your fellow human beings and your community before you think of yourself. To know humility is to understand that you are not more or less important than anyone else. Being humble is surrendering to the Great Spirit, who has created and who directs all life.


Writing every day
Maintaining weight loss goals
Following mindfulness practise and discovering the root causes of the challenge!  (see

Intending to go to curves and not going
Procrastinating on creating fliers and marketing to promote workshops

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