Step 51 - Truth   "Unless your heart, your soul, and your whole being are behind every decision you make, the words from your mouth will be empty, and each action will be meaningless.  Truth and confidence are the roots of happiness"  Anon

The following exercise is from The Gift Project - a seven week art therapy program for individuals and groups based on the seven sacred laws.  I wrote this program at the end of 2010 and 100 people from seven countries around the world participated in the exercsises.  The complete program of exercises is available for individuals or group facilitators as an e-book or printed spiral bound edition at

Step 51 Exercise

Read the following paragraph

Long ago, there was a giant called Kitch-Sabe. Kitch-sabe walked among the people to remind them to be honest to the laws of the creator and honest to each other. The highest honour that could be bestowed upon an individual was the saying "There walks an honest man. He can be trusted." To be truly honest was to keep the promises one made to the Creator, to others and to oneself. The Elders would say, "Never try to be someone else; live true to your spirit, be honest to yourself and accept who you are the way the Creator made you."   (Ref: Radiance Creative)

2)  Reflect on and write down the thoughts and feelings that came to you as you read.  Record, all words and statements, that comes to mind.

3)  Reflect on the word truth – what the word means to you, how you use the word to describe yourself and others.  What are the intrinsic qualities you think are essential for honesty.  Use a dictionary or thesaurus to help you identify other words you connect with honesty and some of the values.  For example, ethical, genuine, without disguise etc. etc... .

4)  Think of a time when your honesty or ability to be honest was compromised – perhaps to protect yourself or someone else.  ALTERNATIVELY, think of a time when you were honest and no one believed you at first – consider the boy in the story of the Emperors new Clothes.

5)  Draw a large square on the poster or Bristol board.  Around the square glue the words you have written about truth and the values.

6)  Begin to paint an image of truth, reflecting the words and thoughts you have had up to this point in the exercise.  Notice if your perception has changed or shifted.  Put in the painting your thoughts and feelings about honesty.  If you are stuck, start with a colour and let the colour tell you how and where to paint it.

7)  When you have finished painting, find a comfortable place to sit.  With your eyes closed, imagine you are sitting in a field full of red and yellow flowers.  It is warm and the birds are singing.  Say aloud thank you that I am who I am, for the way that I am and for my life today x 3. 


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