Step 55.  Humility - Wolf.  "Everybody is a genius.  But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."  Albert Einstein.

This is the last of the seven sacred teachings we began a week ago.  How have those teachings, or reflections about the teachings impacted you?

Our belief about ourself, our capabilities and the individual gifts we have comes from a healthy sense of ego and messages from parents and teachers and the peers and mentors we choose along the way.  For some those messages will be healthy and encouraging, for others they may be destructive and harmful.

Children who grow up in abusive homes are less likely to have a sense of self worth and be able to identitify their gifts. A boss who is a bully can shatter the confidence of a worker and cause a breakdown.  A natural disaster or bereavement can create long lasting doubts that recovery from grief is possible.

The word humility is a double edged sword.  Oftentimes it has been used to control or create a subservient attitude yet here, if we explore the word it is a word that encourages us to believe in ourselves, in our gifts, our talents.  To be thankful for them by using them to promote wellbeing in others and in community so that we will be well ourselves.

I have had a long lasting belief that I am stupid when it comes to math. In fact I have numeric dyselxia - now I am able to let others know I cannot understand numbers and ask for help. I am also very patient and have an ability to teach others how to do things - not math.  I do this from a place of  accepting the good in others as I share with them something I am good at
By accepting things we are not good at and asking for help or sharing the gifts we have we do a service to others, and our community.  This is the action of humility.

Where is your genius?  What gift do you have that you use or perhaps do not use?  Maybe you are a wonderful writer or listener or drummer or engineer?  How can you use those gifts to promote wellness in others?

Exercise 55

Write the word humility on a sheet of paper and then write any words that spring to mind - it doesn't matter if they are not connected logically.  Do not edit out any words.  When you have wriiten all the words turn them into a Haiku - that is a 3 line structure of 5 words, 7 words and 5 words.  Add in words if you do not have enough.  Reflect on your Haiku - what does it teach you?  Maybe that you are a great poet, or maybe a different way of looking at your gifts.


Staying on the journey and believeing
Making time to reflect on the steps and share my thoughts
Creating a better work life balance - taking time to do things I love as well as doing things for others.


Wheat and gluten free - tucked into pizza on Saturday :-(
Making decisions about financing a car or not

Namas Day

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