Step 56 - Overcoming adversity.  Show me someone who has done something worthwhile, and I’ll show you someone who has overcome adversity”  ~Lou Holtz

Grumbling to myself about the cold weather as I waited for the bus I caught myself and decided to change the "stinking thinking".  It's so easy to see the downside of inconvenience yet in fact I have so much to be thankful for.  I can walk, see, have money to take a bus, live in a city where buses run pretty much on time and are safe, have warm clothes for the weather and was going home later to a nice hot dinner.  Nothing to complain about.  Interestingly as soon as I started to re-think the situation a colleague drove by, stopped and gave me a ride to my destination - despite it being out of her way.  Thank you Sheila!

We, in the west, are for the most part pretty well taken care of.  For sure there is poverty, horrific family circumstances for some children and some families and individuals do seem to have more than the lions share of adversity.  Yet those times are often the times we become the strongest, discover friends and neighbours we didn't know we had who help us and find faith in capabilities internal and external we  thought we didn't have.

My mother tells me stories of times when, as a teen she was coming home from school with sirens warning about a bomb attack.  Her father in law was killed by a bomb falling on the place he worked.  Today in many places around the world children and adults live in regimes that are cruel, unjust, without food, medical supplies or basic shelter.  Despite their circumstances people, as they have in Libya and are currently doing in Syria stand up for the right to survive.

Exercise Step 55

Reflect back on your day today.  Was there a monent when you grumbled or complained about something happening?  Be it small or large, consider if there is a different way to look at the situation.  Turn it around.  Doing this may not change the situation but it may give you a glimpse of the strength and supports you have which will enable you to grow through it.


Getting up and making the day happen - when I really wanted to roll over and stay in bed:-)
Organizing supper this morning, in the slow cooker,  and having a nice long evening with my girls
Catching myself thinking negatively and changing the thought
Staying on track with calories and wgf
Beginning to implement by $10,000 challenge (see


Yet again not at Curves:-(
Having lots of loose ends to tie together
Having a hub unpublished by the "hub team" grrrr  (my re-thinking challenge for this step)

Namas Day

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