Step 58 - Spring is almost here yay!  No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow. - Proverb

We are two and a half months into the journey to our inner Fiji.  The dark months are behind and new life and longer light beckons.  Carpets of colour start to appear as the tulips and daffodils and crocus push through the gound and blossom bursts into life on formerly bare branched trees.

I love this time of year, I feel my body respond and wake to the riot of colour.  I sense rejuvenation and the promise of well being.  The lighter evenings bringing more time to the day.

Time again to look at the changes in body weight and physical fitness as well as the psychological benefits of more light and sun. 

Exercise has been challenging for me this last few weeks.  Partly due to not having a car and the dark evenings after I finish work,  I have not been getting to curves.  I have, as a result of "carlessness" been walking more and on the whole I see evidence that staying wheat and gluten free, the walking and reducing calories is paying off.  However, since not going to the gymn I have lost muscle tone and it is important to address that when you are in middle life as well as when you are older.  I suggest minimally a 20 minute walk every day and if a gymn is not an option invest in a DVD that offers strength building exercises through stretches and toning postures.  This site offers some alternatives for most fitness levels. › FitnessFitness DVDsCached

My friend and neighbour Joyce recently sent me a link about a new product - please note I do not have a financial interest in this product nor do I get paid to promote it, but I think it is worth considering and taking a look at.  The link is :   If you want more information I suggest you contact Joyce directly at and mention Finding Fiji in your email to her.

Recently I came across a wheat and gluten free weight loss program which appears well balanced and claims to expedite weight loss.  I am always concerned about diets (well diets in general) which promote weight loss quickly, but sometimes we need to see results in order to keep motivated.  This programme is also helpful changing our eating habits so the diet becomes a healthy way of eating and enjoying food which promotes health and wellness.  Healthy food, healthy and happier you!

If you want to take a look at this I have posted the diet suggestions on hubpages at:


With the coming of Spring, time to do a springclean of the set goals that you created at the beginning and reviewed by creating a collage during step 28.  Time for another collage!  This time for spring! Write down some positive words that you associate with Spring and find images or pictures to go with them - now collage that.  If you can't think of positive words, turn the words you have into positive ones by writing the opposite.  This will, for sure, feel fake but it's how we start to change the story and live new beginings.  For more on how to make a collage go to my link at:

Spending a beautiful day with my teen daughter
Helping a friend raise money and collecting bottles
Great feedback from  a funder about a recent workshop through ARCC Society (

Making time for the "mundane" less preferred tasks such as cleaning up:-)

Namas Day

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