Step 59 - Be good to youself.  "Remember there's no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end." - Scott Adams

In the interests of health and wellness and a healthy lifestyle balance, being good to ourselves - being kind to ourselves is essential.  Self critical thoughts, put downs and frustration are often times a normal part of how we deal with situations.  Time to stop, re-frame the messages and gently re-create new ways of coping and self talk.

Have you noticed that sayings we use or that others use oftentimes have an edge of judgement to them.  Does that help or hinder our progess?  There is a difference between motivational thinking and critical put downs disguised as helpful motivators. 

For example:  A teacher saying to a student you need to think about it more, I know you can do it is motivational - saying you need to think about it more, you can do better is critical.  The you can do better undermines the work that has been done to date and is a value judgement. A simple word change makes the difference.

I often find myself saying "I'm stupid" in a joking kind of way.  In fact the joking part disguises that about somethings - technology and fixing cars I do not have the skills or knowledge to do some of the things I would like to do myself.  That does not mean I am stupid - but making that statement can and does take me down and escalates the potential for procrastination on other unrelated projects that are challenging and that I do have the skills and capacity to do.

Self talk is perhaps one of the most important and powerful resources we have - and it's free - it can also be the most damaging and negative destructors of opportunity and growth.

How to change it. 

Exercise 59 -

Write down on an index card sayings that you and your family use every day about all sorts of things.  Write as many that come to mind or look on-line if your mind goes blank.  You will find them.

Identify which are positive - those are the keepers,  Now identify which are negative or critical - those are not keepers.  Find ways to make the critical messages into positive ones.  Post the index cards about the house for you and others to see.  Make a game of this with your family and or friends and each time you or someone uses a negative message put some money into a charity box.  Donate it.  When you use a positive one put some money into a treat jar and save up for something you and the family or friends will do together.

Overtime you will notice that your moods are more even and that you start to see things that are challenging in a more positive way - with solutions or potential solution.  You will also generate more energy and a peaceful mindset.

Writing today
Commencing a business and marketing plan for workshops and websites
Making pancakes for the first day of Spring Break for the girls - see for a really great recipe and pancakes that are delicious everytime.  For lactose intolerant or milk and dairy free exchange the milk for almond milk.

Housework and laundry
Coming up with different meals to make this week

Namas Day

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