Step 60 - "When the Power of Love overcomes the Love of Power, the world will know PEACE."
Jimi Hendrix

Although Mr. Hendrix was referring to the external world, and referencing a particular time in history, when he made spoke those words, when I read them I am reminded of the power that love offers when we truly accept ourselves and the circumstances in which we find oursleves on this day.

I took my mind off the ball a couple of times this week and created a couple of needless muddles around money and tasks that could have been easily accomplished.  It was tempting on the one hand to shrug and state the mitigating circumstances that led to them both and sidestepping my part, thus not acknowledging the underlying feelings and responsibility or, admonsih myself so that I end up feeling, because my thoughts are telling me, that I am a screwup. 

Choosing neither of the above options and accepting that I messed up, that the mess-ups are fortunately not life or death situations and accepting the mistake means I am not expending tons of energy on a fruitless and debilitating shame based dialogue within myself.

Most of the clients with whom I have worked over the years and indeed in my personal journey the unique and most delibiltating barrier to health and wellness is the underlying issue of shame.

Shame can appear in the most innocent and minor circumstances, it can rear it's ugly head at work, in personal relationships, in families, when and how we raise our children.  Manifesting as anger, sadness, depression, and in the most tragic cases self harm and suicide.

We want to control it, but really we can't.  However we can learn about how it started, learn to forgive oursleves and learn to let go of the story we keep telling ourselves, where it is shame based and continues the cycle of dysfunction.

Exercise for Step 60

The wonderful Brene Brown has recently launched a talk through TedTalks on this subject.  She offers wonderful insights and is very eloquent on the subject.  Before you begin to listen to the talk -  please make sure you have at least  sixty minutes to yourself, or are watching it with someone who is supportive.  After you have watched the talk, paint or write the feelings you had whilst watching the talk and recognize if you need to get professional help for serious and ongoing beliefs that are preventing you from achieving your goals and dreams.

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TGIF!  Really it was quite the week:-)
Taking control of professional opportunities
Baking some delicious wheat and gluten free cookies - see


Money, money money :-) Due to not being mindful
Fatigue - due to not working out
Aches and Pains - due to ageing and not working out!

Namas Day

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