Step 61 - "We first make our habits and then our habits make us" John Dryden

A sobering lesson - to practice what I preach.  Waking up on this beautiful sun-filled spring morning my mind started to race ahead full of "what if''s" and "if only's".  It took a moment but once I got it I changed the mindset and sat down to write a haiku to spring instead.

Poor decision making in the past has created a set of circumstances that can, when I permit them, feed a very negative and self critical mindset.  Acknowledging responsibility for the decisions and accepting that I cannot change them does not change the circumstances.  Instead it encourages and enables acceptance and giving thanks for the moment right here right now.

The habit of not living in the present moment is an easy one to develop.   Past mistakes, memories, future hopes and dreams or even fears beckon our minds and snatch us away from focus and a sense of purpose to accomplish and complete projects we have started.  The habit becomes like a spinning wheel going round and round - we start, we think beyond or look back, we stop.

Take a moment to consider whether you live each day in the moment or, if you live each day with past memories and stories and future fears driving how you think, act and feel.

If the latter is true think about how long this has been going on.  What started it, if you know, or perhaps its a family trait that you have picked up on.  Is it working for you or does it impede where and how you want to grow within yourself?

Eric Berne's model from Transactional Analysis  of the parent/adult/child within each of us suggests that our reactions, our relationships within ourselves and our relationship to others are primarily based on whether those messages are healthy or critical and fear based.  Brene Brown also talks about changing the story, understanding where we get the stories from and giving them up, relinquishing the power they have over us.

The good news is that it is very possible and, although not necessisarily easy, to break the habit and shrug off the unhelpful critical messages from our past, change our stories and move on.  Creativity and right brain exercises are powerful tools which can unlock and open the doorways to a future unhampered by historical events.


Looking about you find one thing that you really appreciate in the environment - maybe it's the view from your window, maybe it's a birthday card from a friend, maybe it's the steaming cup of coffee you're hugging as you read this.  Study and reflect how you feel in the moment.  Try and stay with the thoughts for at least five minutes.  Begin to write a poem, a haiku, a piece of prose - don't worry about the style just create words of appreciation.  Try and practice this as many times during the next month as you can.  When you find yourself not being in the moment try and bring yourself back to the moment by finding something you like to focus on and write a few words about it.  The act of creativity heals and offers your right brain a say, nurturing you.


Accomplishing 30 hubs in 30 days - and continuing to write 500 words every day
Two good walks yesterday
Staying focused and appreciating what I have in the moment


Catching up on housework and laundry
Outside clean up
Time..........balancing creativity, work, physical exercise and chores

Namas Day

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