Step 64 - "Come to the edge, he said. They said: We are afraid. Come to the edge, he said. They came. He pushed them, And they flew..." - Guillaume Apollinaire

Yesterday, Fiji the place was hit by a cyclone.  Locals and tourists have been affected and there may be ongoing health problems due to damage to the water supply.

Fortunately cyclone Daphne passed through and Fiji was spared overwhelming and devastating carnage.  Certainly there was damage and people got hurt but it could have been a lot worse. For more news go to  

Metaphorically, the storm reminded me of how plans that we make in good faith, can go awry due to circumstances beyond our control.  Job loss, an unexpected health issue, bereavement or relationship break up can throw us off course and , even if the circumstances are somewhat anticipated, result in a period of  unpredicatble feelings and responses. 

For some people those feelings and responses start to take over their life and "the peanut gallery" is formed - constantly whispering negative and "what if" warnings that erode  creativity, capacity and joy.   I was working with a young teen today for whom reality is an ongoing sense of not being good enough.  Messages from her mum, sister and other family were robbing her of her own voice, of the person she really is and the potential she can be.

Sometimes, in my work, it is necessary to take others to the edge and encourage them to fly solo.  Resources, cheerleading and trust become the parachute but ultuimately they are responsible for the decision to step off the edge and fly.  Some do and others do not.  For the latter category they usually remain stuck in the same cycle and circumstances do not improve.  If they step off and a cyclone comes along it is still, in my opinion, better than not stepping off at all.

I have experienced my own life cyclone's - some I have created and others because a butterfly flapped it's wings in Mexico.  It doesn't matter, the hard part is still believeing that, despite the devastation - serious or minor, I am where I am meant to be at that time.

Exercise - step 64

Write on a sheet of paper "thank you" as many times as you can, covering the whole sheet.
On a separate sheet write about an event that happened that knocked you off course for a while and then consider what you learned by having that experience and what about that experience you are thankful for (not necessarily the experience - what has happened afterwards for you).  Write about that ending with the words, thank you for this gift.  Put the writings into an envelope and ask a friend to mail it to you sometime in the next month.


Feeling and remaining optimistic about finances for our UK trip
Being pro-active about making the UK trip happen


Work/life balance - work is very busy right now
Laughter - I would like more in my life
Balancing the books:-)

Namas Day!

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