Step 65 Transformation - "A vision is not just a picture of what could be; it is an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more."- Rosabeth Moss Kanter

Before I became a mum and over a period of several years I was part of a church choir.  Easter Friday - Good Friday - morning was spent participating in a three hour service reflecting on the stations of the cross and the crucifiction of Christ. It held a deep and important connection for me to God.

Today, as I walked around Ritchets Bog Nature Sanctuary with my children enjoying the natural beauty, I felt as close to worship as I used to inside the church.  The transformation of my understanding and relationship to God does not depend on attending church and I feel more connected to the community at large and the beauty of the world overall.

The transformation that people from all religions experience when participating in holy and religious services, the transformation we experience when we fall in love, the transformation we experience when we become parents, and the transformation when a fatality or crisis happens may not, at first glance appear to have common ground.  But, like the crucufiction of Christ and the Passover - disimliar stories from different stages in history, the vision is the same -transformation.

Oftentimes a crisis can become the catalyst for intrapersonal transformation - para-olympians are living testonomy of triumph against all odds.  Terry Fox lives on in the lives of those who continue the work he started through his corageous walk to raise money for cancer research. His act of courage and committment transformed fundraising and awareness of cancer across communtiies.

In her work Karen Armstrong is championing the act of compassion for change in the world.  Her work is growing throughout different cultures, religious groups and countries.  Her passionate and learned understanding of what brings us together within ourselves and as a community offers hope and the opportunity for transformation - from fear and judgement of others to understanding and empathy.  We may not like individuals but the call to understand them transforms our relationship and brings potential for peace.

Exercise 65

Read or reflect on the story of Easter and or the story of Passover  .  Consider what these stories teach us as a parable - you don't have to believe or follow a religion to do this.  Think of a time in your own life when transformation happened - when you changed direction and started to live and connect differently.  Whether this was positive or not so much write down what you learned and how you understood the situation.  How can you, or do you already, use the story of that experience to help others.

Record your successes and challenges.....


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