Step 66 - Action.  "Watching the sea will not help you cross the ocean, staring at the clouds will not fly you to your destination, thinking about what you want to accomplish will not achieve accomplishment - but take action and wow baby - you're gonna get there!" Liza Miles

If you are, like me a self starter you probably have lots of projects big and small on the go.  Chances are some of them are complete but a good many aren't.  If you are not a self starter you will have a billion really good ideas on the go, some of them may even be started but none or very few will be completed.  It doesn't really matter if we are naturally self starters or not, the outcome is the same if we do not take action then we will not achieve and accomplish our dreams and goals.

I have started and re-started a children's story so many times. If I had continued writing and gotten to the end of the story, that is still in my head, the manuscript would have been edited and ready to publish by now.  I have wasted so much time thinking about what it will be like when the book is published I didn't make the time to take action and write the darn thing.  Daydreaming the future is not the same as achieving the future.

One of my beefs about the book and film The Secret - - is the fact that its premise on the Law of Attraction (and I'm not against the principle of the Law of Attraction) suggests that if we want something badly enough and think that it is ours then it will be.  The problem is that action is not part of the recipe and thus sets people who do not understand the basis of the underlying message up for failure.  I want, I think, therefore I am, without action, simply does not work out.

Whether our goals are small or large, they will not be achiveved without taking action. What stops us from taking the action and understanding the whys and wherefores of that is part of the solution to an ongoing problem.  Once we understand the blocks and barriers we can deal with them and take appropriate action - our inner motivator becomes alive.

If you are looking for help with taking action and working towards completing your goals please contact me to register for the up coming six week  motivational journey on line course I am offering, commencing May 1st. .  The cost for the six-part program is $175.00 and will include speakers, experiential exercices, on line discussions and webinar coaching sessions. 

Exercise - Step 66

Goals review.  Looking back at the earlier goals you created make a graph or flow chart depicting how much closer, if at all, you are to accomplishing those goals or some of them.  If you haven't made a start please register for the on-line motivational workshop.  If you have made a start but are stuck, please register for the on-line motivational workshop.  If you are seeing progress and are happy with the progress please share your experiences and examples with readers.  This is not a punitive exercise - it is a reality check - I am doing it too. 

Now to record your successes and challenges......


Creating an on-line motivational workshop series I am proud to share
Creating a potential funding formula for to empower women struggling with addiction and mental health issues
Cooking a wonderful Easter lunch and sharing the day with friends and family
Writing, writing and more writing!


Missing my mum who is in the UK and hearing how her illness is making her life more difficult

Namas Day

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