Step 67 - Its all in the timing.  "Success is a state of mind. If you want success, start thinking
of yourself as a success.
" - Dr. Joyce Brothers

Sometimes we have to acknowledge that the timing of events and occurences in our life simply do not gel with what how where and when we thought those things should occur.   

Failed financial applications, job loss or lack of funds to re-train for professional opporunities can really put a damper on our motivation and attract thoughts and feelings of failure. 

It is a common fact that we can have a great day but the one negative comment or happening lingers longer and can become the only memory, obliviating all the success and happier events.  That is one of the reasons I include keeping a record of successes and challenges here. 

Hopefully by now, you are finding it easier to record successes as we journey on and the challenges are more challenging to recall and record.  Or that the challenges are cancelled out by the success of how you managed them.

Today, for me, could definitely have spiralled downwards so I took a page from my own book and began to look at the problem differently.  In perspective I could see and take ownership of the fact that I had set this particular ball rolling and in retrospect made a very poor decision, based in feeling.  Never a good way to go:-)  However spending the day worrying and beating myself up mentally about that would not change the outcome.  I am where I am today and this is where I am meant to be. 

Of course, that can sound really trite especially when we look at situations around the world where people, through absolutely no fault of their own, are caught up in the most horrific situations.  I am talking about personal responsibility.  The responsibility that each of us has to create the best out of every situation and to look forwards.

Sometimes however we can't simply "think" our way our of the doggedness, sadness, frustration, anger. We need help, either outside ourselves or by participating in exercises and techniques that we know within ourselves to be helpful.

I have created three exercises using art therapy which are simple to do and can be used over and over in different situations. 

Exercises for step 67 go to:


Making myself write
Re-thinking current events and not burying my head in the sand
Taking care of myself and taking a day at home


Fighting a cold and not wanting to admit I am sick
Hearing the "bad news" and wanting to bury my head in the sand

Namas Day
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