Step 69 - "It's impossible" said Pride, "It's risky" said Experience, "It's pointless" said Reason.  "Give it a try", said the Heart. Anonymous

About ten years ago my friend and professional colleague Janet Christie and I discussed starting up a non-profit society to help mothers and their children for whom addiction and mental health was a day to day reality.  Ten years before that I had started a not for profit in the UK called ACT (Arts Counselling Trust).  ACT was successful and like many non profits stumbled from funding application to funding application.  We received positive recognition through research by the University of Loughborough for our work setting up art and drama therapy programmes in prisons and young offender units.  ACT had an amazing board and the vision of opening a residential post-prison arts based therapy centre almost became a reality.  Policies changed, funding dried up my energy and drive was spent and thus the work stopped.

When I came to Canada I said," never never again will I start a non profit society" .  Well as "they" say, never say never and three years ago Janet and I began the process of establishing and registering The Addiction Recovery Coach of Canada Society.  The Society held it's first AGM yesterday and we are on our way to establishing on-line and community based initiatives to assist familes, mothers and their children who are leading complex lives through mental health and addiction.

In order to inform and develop best practice for on-line services we are offering an 8 week pilot program to 30 participants to experience on-line art therapy.  Registration for the pilot is now open.  If you are interested in participating in this pilot and think it may help you as part of this journey please contact me at .  A description of the project can also be found at

Honestly if I had listened to pride, experience and reason I probably would not be doing this but it is my passion.  Seeing women and their children's lives changed because they have supports and can access services which make a difference is so rewarding, I am glad I didn't listen:-)

Step 69 Exercise.  Consider taking part in the pilot programme or consider what barriers there may be that prevent you from engaging in something you care passionately about.  This does not have to be related to helping others - maybe it's writing a novel, running, loosing weight or making a trip to a long dreamed of destination.    What is the message that has or is creating the barrier?  What does your heart say? Make a collage about this.


Writing daily
A beautiful weekend with a balance of rest and busyness
Opening my mind to new horizons
Spending time with my family
Baking up a storm for the AGM including wheat and gluten free orange cupcakes


Concerns about financing my trip to the UK this summer
Making time for researchand practicalities to support my ideas
Thinking and then acting

Namas Day

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