Step 70 - "It is our choices...that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities" - J. K. Rowling

If J.K. Rowling had not written the Harry Potter series or had given up trying to get it published after the initial rejections from publishers, no doubt her current circumstances would be quite different from the ones she currently enjoys.

Her choice to continue writing despite evidence that, at that time, children's fiction had a limited future for an author, has generated new writers and spawned a growth in reading for youth.  Imagine what the world would be like if those with vision - Leonardo DaVinci, thought - David Suzuki, courage - Winston Churchill had chosen not to do so.  Makes you think doesn't it.

I don't know how much Ms. Rowling believed in the fact that she would get published but her actions, her tenacity, prove her choice not to give up paid off.

Of course there are times that trying something different is the wise choice  and that may be mean letting go of a dream.  It is said that if we let go of something and it comes back to us then it is meant to be ours and if it doesn't come back then it was not meant to be.  The hard part sometimes is making the choice to let go and recognizing when our choice to let go is, in fact, opting out.

As our thoughts control our feelings our mind controls our brain. It is our choice to take an action, permit a thought and thus a feeling to inform what and how we manage our lives.  We have control over our actions despite circumstances and natural events.  Sometimes bad things happen and sometimes good things happen - it is how we choose to respond to them that can and does make the difference.

Today I chose to tuck into a huge slice of a yummy sponge cake that I made at the weekend.  It is not wheat and gluten free and I ate it intentionally knowing that physically I may not feel so good later and accepting that.  The cake - a Victoria Sandwich is a positive taste from my childhood and I wanted to experience a metaphorical hug fom the taste.  It was worth it!

Step 70 - Exercise

Consider times when your actions are led by a feeling.  Perhaps when you feel less than positive about your life or circumstances.  What is the thought behind the feeling and what is the message behind the thought.  Engaging in this exercise will help you to recognize how to overcome negative messages that influence thoughts and that in turn give rise to negative feelings about yourself and your circumstances.   Understanding this and when and why this happens will empower you in your journey towards your inner Fiji.


Embarking on the on-line art therapy pilot - for more information go to

Completing a personal inventory of thoughts based on historical message and feelings that ensued
Writing and achieving level IV commentator status at hub pages.  If you want to write for hub pages click here  and sign up.

Wearing a pair of trousers (pants) that were one size too small last year and zipping them up with room to spare!  Yay:-)


Flow between work, family and personal goals
Exercise - making a choice to get back to it and not doing it.  Uggghhhh!!!!!

Namas Day

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