Step 71 -  Living in the Now.  "The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly."

I have heard it said that if we are anxious it is because we are not living in the present moment - our anxiety is caused by worrying about the future or the past which we cannot change.  Living in the present is, however, challenging in our present day society where so much information, need for planning and demands on our time come at us on a constant basis.

My children are often bemused by the fact that I can quite happily leave my cell phone at home or just let it ring or not immediately leap up to check the cause of the "beep".  That's one of my "good" habits.

When I find myself yearning for peace and quiet and when those opportunities present themselves, I can get pulled into thinking about the jobs around the house and child or professionally related tasks that I am not doing.  Thus not really "drinking in" the present or taking advantage of the time I could give myself as a gift.

Stressors for me are definitely around money flow, time for house related tasks and having to have things completed on other people's time schedules.  When that happens, if I become anxious and overwhelmed I choose one of two things - eating for comfort or watching TV.  Neither makes me feel good and both lead to negative thinking.

Participating in a physical activity is a good strategy for living in the present and is a healthier alternative to inactivity or eating. Yoga, meditation, running, dancing or singing all create a surge of endorphins which have been shown to reduce depression and anxiety and stimulate creativity.  I also like what this writer has to say about  his experience when his creativity is stagnated

Exercise - Step 71

Create a flow chart about time/money/chores where ever you know your stressors are present and
examine how you normally respond to them - how does it flow?  Does it spiral into more negativity or greater stress?  Create an alternative flow chart which shows what the alternatives might be. Feels fake right?  That's OK it's the beginning and at least now you know that there are alternatives and can start to put into practise changing thought patterns into positive action. 


Continuing to maintain weight loss and not pile back on any pounds - despite the recent Easter Bunny leaving treats all over the house.

Listening to my body.

Networking and making new social and business relationships.

Commencing an offering a pilot on-line art therapy programme - go to for more information or to register.


Working through "stinking thinking" and recognizing historical thought patterns

Making the most of time and opportunities

Be well....

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