Step 73 - Changing the Record.  "I am not a victim, no matter what I have been through, I'm stilll here.  I have a history of victory."  Steve Maraboli

Yes, I know I have said this before, differently, but it's important and sometimes it takes lots of practice to change the way we think about our current situation and not have it continually compounded by negative messages from the past.

When we see ourselves as a victim in a situation we give away the power we have over the given situation and opportunity to learn from it.  When we stay stuck in the victim role the messages get louder and worse.  I know this is true because I have done it for years.  It has been my experience to keep telling myself the same story over and over again - nothing moves - I can say I told myself so.
Yay for me NOT!

Once I learned to change things around life did not get simpler - it got way more complicated but in a good way.  Suddenly I had options and choices and acceptance as companions, those excitable little guys got me hopping over fences towards dreams that I couldn't have conceived in my old way of thinking.  Sure there were and are still mistakes but that's life - right?  Human beings make mistakes.

If you have messages that keep playing in your mind that tell you "you are the victim" - change the message, look at it differently.  What would it be like to not feel and think of yourself as a victim.  How much power or control would that give you?  It may feel fake at first but over time it will feel good and your thoughts will be cleaner and clearer about what choices you can make for your future.

Exercise step 73

Find a quiet place to sit inside or outside and concentrate on your breathing.  When you feel relaxed, imagine yourself  walking purposefully up the first slope of a mountain.   You are fit and dressed appropriately for the environment.  As you stride you know you will make it to the top.  You have no fear.  When you are ready to open your eyes, either draw, or write, or do both, an image of the mountain (or cut out a picture or paper to represent it).

The mountain represents the next stage of your life where you are no longer a victim.  That is behind you.  When you think, feel or hear the old messages coming back repeat the meditation and visualize yourself.  Look at the pictures and or writings you have made and remind yourself, there is no turning back.


Having 100 people visit my hub pages in one day
Commencing on-line art therapy with new registrants
Making time to take care of my family, myself and make time to write
Eating wheat and gluten free
Accepting my chocolate binge and not mentally beating myself up for it!


Persnicketyness yesterday over nothing
Chores at home
Keeping faith about $'s for the UK trip

Be well 

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