Step 74 -  "Most people have no idea of the giant capacity we can immediately command when we focus all of our resources on mastering a single area of our lives."  Tony Robbins

A few years ago I listened to a sermon which told the story about a man of great faith who believed that God would rescue him no matter what.  

" One day the man's house began to fill  with water as the local river banks burst.  The flood rose and rose.

 The man had a life jacket in the house and could swim but, he thought, if I swim I may get swept up in the current.  I will wait for a sign from God. 
 As the water rose higher the man climbed up to the second floor and out onto the balcony.  Along came some neighbours in a dinghy - "get in" they told him. 

  The man looked at them and said "but you are not of my faith.  I will wait for God to rescue me."
  A couple of hours later the flood filled both floors of his home.  He climbed onto the roof of his house.  Along came a helicoper, they dropped a ladder to him.

 The man did not grab the ladder.  He shouted "no I can't do that, I am too afraid.  God will rescue me."

  The next day the news reported that the man had drowned in the flood.

When I think about this story I am reminded about the times in my own life when I have chosen not to take practical steps and have perhaps had some other grandiose thought that somehow something outside of myself will fix it - make it better.  Usually that is a sign that I am trying to avoid something that is painful or difficult and whilst I certainly have had the gift of grace throughout my life through the kindness of neightbours, family and friends, the times that I am strongest are the times when I rely and know my inner resources and strenghts.  Sometimes the strength is in letting go and admitting that I don't know the way to go.  Other times it is sucking up what I don't like or want to do and getting it done.

I find those resources come for me through the experience and process of making art.  At those times art is a prayer and in the words of Picasso "the unthought known" emerges.  It can be a beautiful thing.

Exercise 74

On some index cards write out the strengths and inner resources you know you have and when you have used them - write out what the situation was and how you overcame it.  Use one index card for each.  If there is a situation in your life now that you believe you are not able to manage well consider the help you need to find that.  Who to ask for support from.  When you discover a way to manage- which you will - remember to record it on the index card and describe the situation, place and date.

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