Step 75 - Living your Dreams:  “All our dreams can come true - if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney

After a good rest yesterday I found myself thinking quite positively about some really challenging problems.

In part having made the commitment to write everyday my brain seems to be less cluttered. 

Now when I have to consider and sort through what is real, what is a historical message that is not useful I do get to clarity more quickly and in a less stressful way than I used to, and when I'm stuck in a problem I write my way out of it - this is my Haiku set from this morning:

Synchronisity was on my side because I also listened to a funny and thought provoking talk by Larry Smith from the University of Waterloo Ted Talks series.  "Why you will never have the career of your dreams"  Talk about historical messages!

So for this step, today, I invite you to click on the link and listen to Larry

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