Step 78 - "In my opinion when we write we write the dreams that we have forgotten"  Carlos Fuentes

Carlos Fuentes is a wonderful example of the power of one - this amazing man, activist, writer, leader packed so much into one life time.  He was not afrraid to speak up for what he believed and his writings both fiction and non fction packed a powerful punch.   The world will miss him.

I like that he talks about how his dreams were in Spanish and that the insults of the French and the English could not be felt.

The 2005 conversation on CBC with Eleanor Wachtel will be repeated today and on Tuesday 22nd. 

If you don't know Carol Fuentes work or have not listened to him speak I would highly recommend listening as an inspirational and motivational experience.

This week has been personally very rewarding and I have been blessed with peace and the ability to let go of many small and some larger niggles about my life and how I had come to expect so much of myself.  The expectations that get in the way of dreams becoming reality because of the "to do" list I had created in my own mind.  What I realize now as the important thing is to take a small step each and every day and to be thankful for being in that moment. 

I received a rather large cheque in the mail on Friday.  My reaction was to be shocked.  It is the amount -almost - for three tickets to the UK and I had a hard time accepting that this was in fact my money.  Turns out it is a tax adjustment from overpayment for the last couple of years.  It couldn't be more timely and certainly I had been saying to myself that the money for our trip will come.  When it did - I was shocked.  And there, my friends,  is the rub the self created barrier that we create each and every day in our lives when we say we accept, but really do we? Doubt and self doubt is often so much stronger than faith.   Christians say God works in mysterious ways, and in secular or other spiritual terms oftentimes how we see the plan is not how the plan turns out.  It doesn't mean it is not the right plan.

If Carlos Fuentes had accepted his lot in life, not listened to and written his dreams , campaigned for social justice and spoken out against injustice the world would be a poorer place.  Where is your voice, where is my voice?  Let us be heard - let us write,, sing, paint and dance our dreams, bringing joy to ourselves, our families and the world.  Let our voices create freedom for those who are not free.  By taking this step you are closer to your own inner Fiji.

Exercise - Create Word Art

Find a frame in your home or at the local dollar store and create a piece of word art to hang.  Choose words or a phrase that echo your dreams and beliefs or values.    My word art says:  "Sing with a Joyful Heart and is collaged onto a picture of a giraffe in Kenya.  My second piece says - "I am grateful for the air I breathe, the water I drink, the food I eat and the earth I walk upon"

Record you successes and challenges.


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