Step 79 - "Slow down you move too fast, gotta make the morning last"  Simon and Garfunkle Feeling Groovy,  1966 ,

This week I had an epiphany and taking my own advice,  I stopped creating pressure prompted deadlines for myself.  The deadlines have been a force of habit for way too long, taking me out of the moment, creating unhelpful moments of panic about "gotta get it done".

Of course for us all there are tasks and things that do have to get done but in some cases we create tasks and fill our lives with them, that are simply meaningless or to do not enhance our relationships with ourselves and others.  It is no accident that so many epitaphs written by those who die young or in middle age talk abut the things they wish they had made time for rather than the chores they had filled their time with.

One thing I am "guilty of" and I appreciate about myself,  is that I am good at self care.  I can happily leave an untidy kitchen to take the children to the beach, meet a friend or read a book.  No one dies and it does get cleaned up later on .......:-)

The pressure deadlines I recently created were around writing and commitment to writing. The writing part is good but the deadlines were actually getting in the way of creativity and motivation.  The more pressure I put on myself the less I could write. So I chose to take a break.

I made space for cleaning up areas in the home that have been neglected, creating a sanctuary in my bedroom, a sewing space for my oldest teen and a comfy rec. room for movies and relaxing.  We have planted containers and cleaned up the patio.  None of those chores were on my to do list - yet allowing myself to organically spend time where my energy wanted to go was relaxing. I enjoyed the sense of accomplishment that I don't get when I have the "have to get this done today" message in my head.

So if you are finding yourself rushing through life with a long list of things to do, take a moment to take a break.  Slow down, you will  have more energy and will get a lot more more done that makes you and others happy.

Exercise - take a moment to watch Simon and Garfunkle performing the 59th Street Song "feeling Groovy".  As they say the world IS a beautiful palce.  This clip is a little cheesy but I love the facial expressions - and my, how young they look.


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