Step 82:  "Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence...Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent."- Calvin Coolidge

Temptation to give in or give up whether we are on a diet, trying to save money or work towards an important goal often has a loud voice.  Unfortunately this usually means we settle for a short term gain (reward) leading to long term pain; piling back on the weight, spending the savings or more seriously a relapse back into addiction.

Having a long term goal and shorter term goals that act like stepping stones are a really helpful way to prevent and consciously deal with temptation. 

Today I am going to specifically talk about weight loss - but the principles of what I am saying can be applied in other areas.

In just over six weeks I will be heading out to the UK to visit my mum.  My goal weight dress is coming with me!

Since January I have successfully lost some of the weightI had set as a goal and now I have stuck. Becoming discouraged by the lack of movement I spent a couple of weeks gorging on foods that were not only not wheat and gluten free they had no real nutritional value.  It was as if I was punishing my body, yet I was the one in control of my body, making poor choices. 

Daily I stepped onto the scales letting self congratulations speak loudly for being lighter than I was in January all the while closing my eyes to the fact that the pounds were creeping back on.  I wanted to delude and convince myself that I had no control over this and blamed all sorts of other things on what was happening.  I had also not been making time to go to curves or exercise - and conveniently came up with all sorts of excuses and that's what they were excuses!

Sounds harsh but sadly true, I was lying to myself.  For sure I was 20 pounds lighter than when I started but I had lost a further 5 and had now put back on 7.  This was 100% due to lack of willpower or staying power and needing a reward.  Thus to stepping stones plan I mentioned earlier.

"Temptations come when we are feeling deprived and rewards are how we give ourselves recognition of what we have accomplished". Liza Miles 2012

For the next 30 days I will be consuming 1, 750 calories a day with a reward every day 7 of a "treat" of 250 calories. I will also be working out at Curves or waiking at least 30 minutes each day burning 250 cals. My goal - to loose 10 pounds. My treat may be a cocktail, a desert, a bar of chocolate - and I will be sure to make it special, not "wolf it down" in secret. I am publicly sharing this plan with my children who are great monitors.

Exercise - this can be adapted to a weekly or monthly plan for savings and other goals too.
I am creating a daily stepping stone with a specially designed eating plan for that day. At the end of each day I will put a coloured tick or star to confirm that I accomplished the goal for the day.   Every seventh stone will include the treat or reward.   You can also make weekly or monthly stepping stones for different goals.  However I suggest that rewards are given at least once every seven days.

I have not suggested a diet plan here - everyone looses weight differently.  If you need a place to start check out my hub on how to loose 20lbs and keep it off at  I have also listed some suggested sites below that offer weight loss suggestions and products.  If you are planning to loose weight it is always best to loose it slowly and aim for 2-3 pounds a week.  If you have a medical condition, are pregnant or nursing a baby loosing weight should be with the consultation of your doctor.

Suggested products/aids for Weight Loss:

Weight loss natural product aid for for people with little success with diets:

Raw Food Diet:

Sensible weight loss with the Glycemic Index:

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